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The Agrarian Union Party (Romanian: Partidul Uniunea Agrară, PUA) was a political party in Romania.


The party first contested national elections in 1931, when it was part of the National Union alliance created for the general elections that year.[1] The alliance won 289 of the 387 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, although the PUA did not take any of them.[2]

The party contested the 1932 elections in alliance with the National Union–Iorga, the Democratic Nationalist Party and the National Party.[3] The alliance won five seats in the Chamber of Deputies, of which the PUA took two.[2]

The PUA contested the 1933 elections alone, receiving 2.5% of the vote and winning five seats in the Chamber.[2] However, its vote share fell to 1.7% in the 1937 elections, resulting in it losing all five seats.[2] It did not contest any further elections.[4]


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