Administrative Staff College of India

Administrative Staff College of India
Type Public business School
Established 1956
Chairman K. Padmanabhaiah[1]
Location Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Campus Urban, 9 acres (0.036 km2)
Newspaper ASCI Journal of Management, Bella Vista Times

Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), was started jointly by the Government of India and the representatives of industry as an autonomous institute in the year 1956 to impart training in the field of management development.[2] It is located at the palace of the erstwhile Prince of Berar known as Bella Vista at Hyderabad who was heir apparent to the (throne) of Hyderabad. Prince of Berar, Nawab Mir Himayat Ali Khan, Azam Jah Bahadur, the elder son of the Seventh Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan.[3][4]

Initially Government Of India envisaged to set up the college in Britain. The first session was to commence in 1948 at Henley. However a committee of the All India Council for Technical Education in 1953 recommended that the Administrative Staff College be established in India. ASCI specialises in training of civil servants and managers of corporate and government sectors and urban management.[5] The research and consultancy activities of ASCI were started in 1973 with aid from Ford Foundation. An IAS officer of 1976 batch, RH Khwaja took charge as ASCI DG on January 1, 2017[6]


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