Abdallah al-Qutbi

Abdallah Yusuf al-Qutbi
Title al-Qutbi
Born 1879
Died 1952
Ethnicity Somali
Era 19th-20th century
Region Horn of Africa/North Africa
Religion Islam
Main interest(s) Islamic philosophy, polemics

Abdallah ibn Mu'allim Yusuf al-Qutbi (Arabic: عبد الله يوسف قطبي) (c. 1879 - 1952) was a Somali polemicist, theologian and philosopher who lived in Qulunqul (Kolonkol), Somalia.


Sheikh Al-Qutbi is best known for his Al-Majmu'at al-mubaraka ("The Blessed Collection"), a five-part compilation of polemics that was published in Cairo ca. 1919-1920 (1338). In this work, he launches a literary attack on the Wahhabis, the Salihiya, and Ibn Taymiyyah, all of whom he regarded as heretics.[1] Sheikh Abdullahi Qutbi, a disciple of Sheikh Abdulrahman Al Shashi and member of Qadiriyyah congregation, an Islamic school of thought or tariqah.

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