A View from Eiffel Tower

A view from the Eiffel tower
DVD cover for A view from the Eiffel tower
Directed by Nikola Vukčević
Produced by Ivan Đurović
Milko Josifov
Written by Irena Kikić-Stojković
Nikola Vukčević
Starring Branislav Trifunović
Marija Vicković
Darko Rundek
Music by Vladimir Moritz
Cinematography Nikola Sekerić
Edited by Olga Toni
Distributed by Cinears
Release date
2005, (Montenegro)
Running time
92 minutes
Country Serbia and Montenegro
Language Montenegrin

A View from the Eiffel tower (Montenegrin: Pogled sa Ajfelovog tornja) is a Montenegrin 2005 drama film directed by Nikola Vukčević in 2005.


The main character Marijana is a beautiful 25-year-old girl. When she was 16 her father's boss sexually abused her. Marijana's father progressed his career (as a gynaecologist willing to perform illegal abortions) due to his boss's assistance and did nothing about the abuse.

Ten years later, Marijana seeks to avenge what was done to her by becoming a prostitute, sleeping with her father's colleagues and harming his reputation. She falls in love with a poor sculptor named Vanja, but struggles to reconcile her love with prostitution.

The film shows struggle in the wretchedness of everyday life in the Balkans, with the message that love triumphs over adversity.


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