AB Groupe

Type DVB & internet
Country Paris, France
Launch date
1977 Inc. &
1987 TV
Official website

The AB is a French business group in the field of broadcasting.

It was founded in 1977 by Jean-Luc Azoulay and Claude Berda as a music production company, and in 1987 went into the world of television.

In English speaking regions, AB is best known for their English dub of the Dragon Ball Z films that were aired on Toonami UK and released on DVD out-of-order in the Netherlands. This dub features a then unknown cast and became known as the "Big Green dub" because Piccolo's name was changed to "Big Green". AB's dub of Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest was released on DVD by Warner Vision in the UK under the name "The Strongest Guy In The World" in 2003.[1]

AB also distributed the Blue Water Studios dubs of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT in Canada and Europe.


Channel Country Category Information
AB MoteursFranceSportPay-TV
ActionFranceMovie channelPay-TV
Chasse et PêcheFranceDocumentaryPay-TV
Ciné FXFranceMovie channelPay-TV
Ciné PolarFranceMovie channelPay-TV
Lucky Jack.tvFranceGames
MangasFranceChildren's channelPay-TV
Toute l'HistoireFranceDocumentaryPay-TV


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