6th Corps of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

6th Corps
6th Corps Patch
Active February 1994
Country  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Allegiance Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Branch Regular Army
Type Motorized, Mountain and Infantry
Role Defence of Konjic
Size 34500
Garrison/HQ Konjic
Colors Green and yellow
Engagements Capturing of Vlašić mountain
Salko Gušić
Asim Korićić
Salko Gušić

The 6th Corps, along with the 7th Corps, of the Bosnian army was formed a little later than the first 5 Corps.

6th Corps History

The 6th Corps of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was formed on 9 June 1993. Konjic became the headquarters of the 6th Corps. 6th Corps was formed from 4th Corps Northern Herzegovina Operational Group to occupy northern Herzegovina from the HVO and eventually reach the Adriatic coast. But it had little success and was disbanded in February 1994.

Some units were incorporated into the 7th Corps and the rest into the 4th Corps.


  • 1st Commander: Salko Gušić

6th Corps Units

  • 7th Motorized Brigade
    • 1st Commander: Asim Korićić
    • 2nd Commander: Colonel Šerif Patković
  • 43rd Mountain Brigade (Konjic)
  • 44th Mountain Brigade 'Neretvica' (Jablanica)
    • 1st Commander: Enes Kovačević
    • 2nd Commander: Hasan Hakalović
  • 45th Mountain Brigade 'Neretvica' (Jablanica)
  • 304th Brigade
  • 445th Light Infantry Brigade (Konjic)
  • 450th Light Infantry Brigade (Bjelimići)
  • Neretva Brigade
    • Commander: Enes Kovačević
  • Operational Group East - Visoko
  • Vareš Brigade
  • Nemilu Brigade
  • Reconnaissance and Sabotage brigade
    • Commander: Ibrahim Purić
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