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Molar mass 275.292 g/mol
Melting point 171–172 °C (340–342 °F; 444–445 K)
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3C-DFE is a lesser-known psychedelic drug, which is a fluorinated derivative of 3C-E. It was first synthesised by Daniel Trachsel in 2002,[1][2] and has been reported as showing similar psychedelic activity to related compounds, with a dose range of around 20–40 mg and a duration of approximately 10 hours.[3]:736 Despite its reported psychedelic activity, binding studies in vitro showed 3C-DFE to have a surprisingly weak binding affinity of 2695 nM at 5-HT2A with negligible affinity at 5-HT2C,[3]:737 making it only slightly higher affinity than mescaline, despite its higher potency in vivo.

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