2019 World Beach Games

2019 World Beach Games
Host city San Diego
Country  United States
Nations participating 206
Athletes participating 5,000
Events 22
Website World Beach Games 2019

The 2019 World Beach Games, the inaugural World Beach Games, will be a multi-sport event organized by the Association of National Olympic Committees to be hosted by San Diego, California, United States.

Host selection

On 30 October 2015, San Diego was unanimously approved as host of the inaugural World Beach Games at the ANOC General Assembly in Washington D.C..[1][2]Sarasota, Sochi, Dubai and a city in China were the other candidate cities which made bids to host the games.[3]

The games were originally scheduled to be held from September 29, 2017, till October 9, 2017. However, in August 2016 it was announced to be postponed to 2019.[4]

The Games



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