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List of years in Albania

The following lists events from the year 2011 in Albania.




  • January 21 - Over 20,000 people protest against alleged electoral fraud with 3 people being killed in clashes with police in Tirana. Deputy minister Ilir Meta resigns from his position.[1]
  • January 22 - Prime Minister Berisha declares his country will not experience a Tunisian-style uprising in response to the protests.[2]
  • January 23 - Arrest warrants are issued for six members of the republican guard over the deaths of three protesters during the unrest.[3]
  • January 25 - Opposition leader Edi Rama calls for more protests in the country and demands the international community mediate the political crisis.[4]
  • January 28 - Over 100,000 supporters of the Socialist Party of Albania, the opposition, mourn the deaths of three protesters during police clashes in anti-government protests, through a two-hour calm procession.[5]


November 30: Death of Leka, Crown Prince of Albania, in Tirana.


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