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Timeline of Ethiopian history

The following lists events that happened during 2001 in Ethiopia.




  • January 10 - Ethiopia rejects Djibouti's port-handling charges for imports and exports with them, claiming it to be a violation of an agreement in 1999.[1]
  • January 13 - Diplomatic tension rises with Somalia, who accuses Ethiopia of attempting to create a secessionist state in the already unstable country.[2]
  • January 25 - Somalia's Prime Minister accuses Ethiopia of destabilising his country by massing troops in the south west.[3]


  • February 20 - Thousands of Ethiopian troops begin withdrawing from Eritrea after a successful peace agreement after the Eritrean-Ethiopian War.[4]
  • February 24 - Ethiopia declares the withdrawal from Eritrea complete.[5]


  • April 12 - Police crack down on student protesters, demanding greater freedom of speech. This leaves 50 students hospitalised.[6]
  • April 17 - Hundreds of riot police storm in and beat up civilians during the riots including women and children in the capital of Addis Ababa.[7]
  • April 18 - Thousands of students clash with police during the second day of rioting.[8]
  • April 21 - The Ethiopian Human Rights Council denies that student protesters are being held in detention camps, causing anger among relatives of the missing students.[9]
  • April 24 - The University of Addis Ababa reopens after temporary closure during riots that left 39 killed and 250 injured.[10]
  • April 26 - More than 2000 students are released from prison by riot police.[11] Several students report instances of torture while incarcerated.[12]


  • May 4 - The political temperature is reported to have risen since the April riots.[13]


  • November 15 - Animal smuggling is reported to have cost the country 100 million dollars every year.[14]


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