1st Armoured Brigade (United Kingdom)

1st Armoured Brigade
Active 1939-1942
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  British Army
Type Armoured
Size Brigade
Engagements Battle of Greece
Battle of El Alamein
Willoughby Norrie

The 1st Armoured Brigade was a regular British Army unit formed on 3 September 1939, by the redesignation of the 1st Light Armoured Brigade.

Second World War History

At the start of the war, the brigade was based in the United Kingdom, initially as part of the 1st Armoured Division and then as part of the newly formed 2nd Armoured Division. In November 1940, it was shipped to Egypt, arriving on 1 January 1941.[1] In March 1941, the brigade was dispatched to Greece as part of General Maitland Wilson's unsuccessful attempt at stopping the German invasion. On 29 April 1941, the brigade was evacuated to Egypt.

The 1st Armoured Brigade served in the Western Desert Campaign with the 7th Armoured Division at the Battle of El Alamein. The brigade was disbanded on 21 November 1942.


  • Brig. C.W.M. Norrie
  • Brig. H.V.S. Charrington
  • Brig. R.C. Keller
  • Brig. E.C.N. Custance
  • Brig. D.A. Stirling
  • Brig. A.F. Fisher
  • Brig. G.N. Todd

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