1977 Sudan Juba coup d'état attempt

1977 Sudan Juba coup d'état attempt
Date2 February 1977
LocationJuba, Southern Sudan Autonomous Region, Sudan
4°51′N 31°36′E / 4.85°N 31.6°E / 4.85; 31.6
  • Coup attempt fails

Ex-Anyanya Members

Supported by:

Commanders and leaders
Gaafar Nimeiry
President of Sudan
Location within Sudan.

The 1977 Sudanese Juba coup d'état attempt was an unsuccessful coup, led by 12 Air Force members who had previously been members of Anyanya. The exact specifications of the coup attempt vary, although tend to focus on a failed attempt by the group to take the airport.[1]

The coup's political leadership, consisting of High Executive Council members Joseph Oduho, Benjamin Akok, and Malath Joseph, had been previously arrested, and some sources suggest the group attempted to storm Juba Prison, to release the group's arrested leadership.[2]

Harold Bowman, a 30 year old pilot with Africa Inland Mission was killed while driving passengers to Juba airport during the shooting.[3][4]


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