1969 NHL Amateur Draft

1969 NHL Amateur Draft
General information
Date(s) June 11, 1969
Location Montreal, Quebec
First selection Rejean Houle
Selected by: Montreal Canadiens

The 1969 NHL Amateur Draft was held at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This draft is notable for being the first NHL draft to be conducted after the league ended direct sponsorship of junior hockey.

Selections by round

Below are listed the selections in the 1969 NHL Entry Draft.

= NHL All-Star[1] = Hall of Famers

Round one

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
1Rejean HouleLeft Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensMontreal Junior Canadiens (OHA)
2Marc TardifLeft Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensMontreal Junior Canadiens (OHA)
3Don TannahillLeft Wing CanadaBoston Bruins Niagara Falls Flyers (OHA)
4Frank SpringRight Wing CanadaBoston BruinsEdmonton Oil Kings (WCHL)
5Dick RedmondDefence CanadaMinnesota North StarsSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OHA)
6Bob CurrierCentre CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
7Tony FeatherstoneRight Wing CanadaOakland SealsPeterborough Petes (OHA)
8Andre DupontDefence CanadaNew York RangersMontreal Junior Canadiens (OHA)
9Ernie MoserRight Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsEstevan Bruins (WCHL)
10Jim RutherfordGoaltender CanadaDetroit Red WingsHamilton Red Wings (OHA)
11Ivan BoldirevCentre CanadaBoston BruinsOshawa Generals (OHA)
12Pierre JarryLeft Wing CanadaNew York RangersOttawa 67's (OHA)
13J. P. BordeleauRight Wing CanadaChicago Black HawksMontreal Junior Canadiens (OHA)
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Round two

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
14Dennis O'BrienDefence CanadaMinnesota North StarsSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OHA)
15Rick KessellCentre CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsOshawa Generals (OHA)
16Dale HogansonDefence CanadaLos Angeles KingsEstevan Bruins (WCHL)
17Bobby ClarkeCentre CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersFlin Flon Bombers (WCHL)
18Ron StackhouseDefence CanadaOakland SealsPeterborough Petes (OHA)
19Mike LoweLeft Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesLoyola College (CIAU)
20Doug BrindleyLeft Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsNiagara Falls Flyers (OHA)
21Ron GarwasiukLeft Wing CanadaDetroit Red WingsRegina Pats (SJHL)
22Art QuoquochiRight Wing CanadaBoston BruinsMontreal Junior Canadiens (OHA)
23Bert WilsonLeft Wing CanadaNew York RangersLondon Knights (OHA)
24Larry RomanchychCentre CanadaChicago Black HawksFlin Flon Bombers (WCHL)
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Round three

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
25Gilles GilbertGoaltender CanadaMinnesota North StarsLondon Knights (OHA)
26Michel BriereCentre CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsShawinigan Bruins (QMJHL)
27Gregg BoddyDefence CanadaLos Angeles KingsEdmonton Oil Kings (WCHL)
28Willie BrossartLeft wing CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersEstevan Bruins (WCHL)
29Don O'DonoghueRight wing CanadaOakland SealsSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OHA)
30Bernie GagnonCentre CanadaSt. Louis BluesMichigan Wolverines (NCAA)
31Larry McIntyreDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsMoose Jaw Canucks (SJHL)
32Bobby SheehanCentre United StatesMontreal CanadiensSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OHA)
33Wayne HawryshRight wing CanadaDetroit Red WingsFlin Flon Bombers (WCHL)
34Nels JacobsonLeft wing CanadaBoston BruinsWinnipeg Jets (WCHL)
35Kevin MorrisonLeft wing CanadaNew York RangersSaint-Jérôme Alouettes (QMJHL)
36Milt BlackRight wing CanadaChicago Black HawksWinnipeg Jets (WCHL)
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Round four

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
37Fred O'DonnellRight Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsOshawa Generals (OHA)
38Yvon LabreDefence CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsToronto Marlboros (OHA)
39Bruce LandonGoaltender CanadaLos Angeles KingsPeterborough Petes (OHA)
40Michel BelhumeurGoaltender CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersDrummondville Rangers (QMJHL)
41Pierre FarmerDefence CanadaOakland SealsShawinigan Bruins (QMJHL)
42Vic TealRight Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OHA)
43Frank HughesRight Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsEdmonton Oil Kings (WCHL)
44Murray AndersonDefence CanadaMontreal CanadiensFlin Flon Bombers (WCHL)
45Wayne CherneckiCentre CanadaDetroit Red WingsWinnipeg Jets (WCHL)
46Ron FairbrotherLeft Wing CanadaBoston BruinsSaskatoon Blades (WCHL)
47Bruce HellemondLeft Wing CanadaNew York RangersMoose Jaw Canucks (SJHL)
48Darryl MaggsDefence CanadaChicago Black HawksCalgary Centennials (WCHL)
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Round five

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
49Pierre JutrasLeft Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsShawinigan Bruins (QMJHL)
50Ed PatenaudeRight Wing CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsCalgary Centennials (WCHL)
51Butch GoringCentre CanadaLos Angeles KingsDauphin Kings (MJHL)
52Dave SchultzLeft Wing CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersSorel Black Hawks (QMJHL)
53Warren HarrisonCentre CanadaOakland SealsSorel Black Hawks (QMJHL)
54Brian GlenwrightLeft Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesKitchener Rangers (OHA)
55Brian SpencerLeft Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsSwift Current Broncos (WCHL)
56Gary DoyleGoaltender CanadaMontreal CanadiensOttawa 67's (OHA)
57Wally OldsDefence United StatesDetroit Red WingsMinnesota Golden Gophers (NCAA)
58Jeremy WrightCentre CanadaBoston BruinsCalgary Centennials (WCHL)
59Gord SmithDefence CanadaNew York RangersCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
60Mike BaumgartnerDefence United StatesChicago Black HawksNorth Dakota Fighting Sioux (NCAA)
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Round six

Tommi Salmelainen was the first European to be drafted by a National Hockey League team.[2]

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
61Rob WaltonCentre CanadaMinnesota North StarsNiagara Falls Flyers (OHA)
62Paul HogansonGoaltender CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsToronto Marlboros (OHA)
63Guy DelparteLeft Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensLondon Knights (OHA)
64Don SaleskiRight Wing CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersRegina Pats (SJHL)
65Neil NicholsonDefence CanadaOakland SealsLondon Knights (OHA)
66Tommi SalmelainenLeft Wing FinlandSt. Louis BluesHIFK (Finland)
67Bob NeufeldLeft Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsDauphin Kings (MJHL)
68Lynn PowisCentre CanadaMontreal CanadiensDenver Pioneers (NCAA)
69Jim JonesDefence CanadaBoston BruinsPeterborough Petes (OHA)
70Dale YutsykLeft Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesColorado College Tigers (NCAA)
71Dave HudsonCentre CanadaChicago Black HawksNorth Dakota Fighting Sioux (NCAA)
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Round seven

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
72Rick ThompsonDefence CanadaMinnesota North StarsNiagara Falls Flyers (OHA)
73Bob CollyardCentre United StatesSt. Louis BluesColorado College Tigers (NCAA)
74Ian WilkieGoaltender CanadaMontreal CanadiensEdmonton Oil Kings (WCHL)
75Dale PowerCentre CanadaMontreal CanadiensPeterborough Petes (OHA)
76Pete VipondLeft Wing CanadaOakland SealsOshawa Generals (OHA)
77David PulkkinenRight Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesOshawa Generals (OHA)
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Round eight

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
78Cal RussellRight Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsHamilton Red Wings (OHA)
79Frank HamillRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensToronto Marlboros (OHA)
80Patrick LangeGoaltender CanadaSt. Louis BluesSudbury Wolves (NOJHL)
81Claude ChartreCentre CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersDrummondville Rangers (QMJHL)
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Round nine

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
82John ConverseForward CanadaSt. Louis BluesEstevan Bruins (WCHL)
83Gilles DroletDefence CanadaMontreal CanadiensQuebec Remparts (QMJHL)
Reference: "1969 NHL Amateur Draft -- Round nine hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 14 December 2008. 

Round ten

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
84Darrel KnibbsCentre CanadaMontreal CanadiensLethbridge Sugar Kings (AJHL)
Reference: "1969 NHL Amateur Draft -- Round ten hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 14 December 2008. 
= NHL All-Star[1] = Hall of Famers

Draftees based on nationality

Rank Country Amount
North America83
1 Canada79
2  United States4
3 Finland1

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