Şiş köfte

Şiş köfte[1] (Turkish), Shish kofte,[2] or Sis kofte[3] is a type of kebab or köfte dish in Turkish cuisine. It consists of minced lamb, mutton, veal or beef, or a mixture of some of these meats with herbs, often including parsley and mint, on a şiş (skewer), grilled. Şiş köfte is typically served with pilav (Turkish rice or bulgur dishes) and a salad, though it may also be served in a sandwich.

There are several regional variations of şiş köfte. Tire köfte is made mainly with veal.[4] The city of Burdur is trying to obtain a geographical indication for its version of şiş köfte.[5] Şiş köfte is also the basis of "yoğurtlu kebap" (kebab with yogurt).[3][6]

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