Şehzade Mehmed Abid

Şehzade Mehmed Abid
شہزادہ محمد عابد
Born 17 September 1905
Yıldız Palace, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Died 8 December 1973(1973-12-08) (aged 68)
Bierut, Lebanon
Spouse Pınarıdil Fahriye Hanım
Princess Senije Zogu
Full name
Turkish: Şehzade Mehmed Abid
English: Shahzada Muhammad Abid
Ottoman Turkish: شہزادہ محمد عابد
Dynasty Ottoman
Father Abdul Hamid II
Mother Naciye Hanım
Religion Sunni Islam

Şehzade Mehmed Abid (17 September 1905 – 8 December 1973) was an Ottoman prince, the son of Sultan Abdul Hamid II and his wife Naciye Hanım.


Şehzade Mehmed Abid was born in the Yıldiz Palace on 17 September 1905. His mother was Naciye Hanım. At the overthrew of her father in 1909, the Abid followed his parents into exile at Salonica. They were living in Alatini Mansion. A year after he returned to Istanbul and settled in the Beylerbeyi Palace with his father. Abid was thirteen when his father, Abdulhamid II died. He educated at the Galatasaray and Habibiya Colleges, Constantinople. In 1923 his mother also died, when he was eighteen.

When the Ottoman Empire was dissolved in 1924, the royal family went into exile. Abid wanted to settle in Egypt. However, King Fuad did not allow the family to enter Egypt. He first went to Beirut, while his eldest brother Şehzade Mehmed Selim, settled in Jünye. Şehzade Abid later went to Nice. There he stayed with his sister Hamide Ayşe Sultan.

He later went to Paris and graduated from the Sorbonne Law School in 1936 and in the Faculty of Political Science in 1937. He also studied French Language and Literature from the Ecole Nationale des Langues Oriantales Vivantes. Between 1940 and 1948 he lived in Toulouse, Nice, Madrid, Lisbon, Cairo, Alexandria and Tirana.[1] He was also appointed Albanian Ambassador to France.[2]

He died at Beirut on 8 December 1973 and was buried in Damascus.[3]


He married two times:

  • He married firstly to Pınardil Fahriye Hanım (died c. 1934 Nice, France, buried in Muslim Bobigny Cemetery), without issue;[4]
  • He married secondly in Tirana on 12 January 1936 and divorced in 1949 Princess Senije Zogu (Mati, 15 November 1908 – Cannes, 15 April 1969), sister of King Zog I, without issue.

Title and style

Devletlü Necabetlü Şehzade-i Civanbaht Sultan Mehmed Abid Efendi Hazretleri (The Illustarious, Noble, Prosperous Prince His Imperial Highness Sultan Mehmed Abid).



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