Şehzade Ahmed Kemaleddin

Ahmed Kemaleddin
Lieutenant general of Inf. Ottoman Army
Born 3 December 1847
Old Çırağan Palace, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Died 26 April 1905(1905-04-26) (aged 57)
Beşiktaş Palace, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Issue Prince Şehzade Atiyetullah
Münire Sultan
House Imperial House of Osman
Father Abdülmecid I
Mother Verdicenan Kadın
Religion Islam

Şehzade Ahmed Kemaleddin (3 December 1847 - 26 April 1905) was an Ottoman prince, son of Sultan Abdülmecid I, 31st Sovereign of the House of Osman, and his wife Empress Verdicenan Kadın. He was educated privately and became 2nd Velihad from 31 August 1876 and Lieutenant general of the Imperial Ottoman Army in 1901. He received the Collar of the Nişan-ı-Ali-Imtiyaz.

Imperial Ottoman Dynasty
Country Ottoman Empire
Founded 1299
Founder Osman I
Dissolution 1922


Ahmed Kemaleddin was born on 3 December 1847 in the Old Çırağan Palace, to Abdülmecid and his wife Verdicenan, herself the daughter of Prince Kaytuk Giorgi Achba and his wife Princess Yelizaveta Hanım.[1]

He became second in line to the throne when his half-brother Abdul Hamid II ascended the throne in 1876, and he believed that Murad V should be restored to the throne.[2] It is said that in the days when Abdul Hamid was the Sultan, Prince Ahmed Kemaleddin once ran into pressing financial difficulties. He applied to the wealthy Abdul Hamid for funds and even sent over valuable objects as security for a loan.[2] But Abdul Hamid replied, "I'm no pretty money changer! Since he wants to pawn something for money, let him try the money changes in the Caviar Building!" Prince Ahmed Kemaleddin took offence at this, and ever afterwards relations between the two were frosty.[2]

He was killed by the order of his brother, Abdulhamid II, at the Beşiktaş Palace 26 April 1905 at age of 57, to be honoured posthumously, after the 1908 revolution, for his liberal leanings. He was buried in the royal mausoleum of Yahya Efendi, Istanbul.[2]

Marriage and issue

Prince Ahmed Kemaleddin married on 23 April 1876 at the Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul to Fatma Sezadil Hanım (Adapazarı, c. 1856 - 9 February 1943) and had two children:

  • HIH Prince Atiyetullah (22 February 1877 - 1878).
  • HIH Princess Münire Sultan (Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul, 13 November 1880 - Nice, France, 7 October 1939, and buried there). She married at the Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul, 29 July 1907 to Major-General HH Damat Mehmed Salih Pasha (c. 1876 - killed at Istanbul, 24 June 1913), fourth son of HH Hayreddin Pasha, Grand Vizier 1878-1879, by his wife, Kamar Hanım.
    • HIH Prince Sultanzade Ahmed Kemaledin Keredin (18 June 1909 - 1987), married 1962 at Istanbul with Mihriban Hanım and left Issue.


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