Şehzade Abdullah

Sehzade Abdullah
Born 1522
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Died 1525 (aged 23)
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Dynasty Ottoman
Father Suleiman the Magnificent
Mother Hürrem Sultan or
Mahidevran Sultan
Religion Islam

Şehzade Abdullah (1522–1525) was an Ottoman prince (şehzade), as the son of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.[1] According to some sources, his mother was Hürrem Sultan.[2] In other sources it's said that he was born by Mahidevran Sultan.[3] He was born in 1522 in Topkapi Palace, the Ottoman Empire, and died at the age of three due to a disease in 1525 in Istanbul. If his mother was indeed Hürrem Sultan, he would be most likely Mihrimah Sultan's twin given the year of their births.


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