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beae a wonya nimdeɛ a wontua ka, na obiara tumi boa ne kyerɛw.
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Patrick Awuah Jr. yɛ Ashesi Sukuupɔn - sukuu a ɛnhwehwɛ sika na ɛde ne ho fi aban ho - no hyehyɛfo ne ne kannifo a ɛwɔ Accra, Ghana no, na wɔbue sukuu yi wɔ afe 2001 mu na ne sukuufo no wie wɔ 2005 mu. Ɛbere a ɔtenaa United States ɛkɔ bɛyɛ mfe aduonu no, Awuah baa n'akyi baa Ghana, beae a ɔbesii Ashesi Sukuupɔn no. Nnipa a ɔde fii sukuupɔn no ase yɛ 30 pɛ, nanso nnɛ, ɔwɔ sukuufo bɛboro 500. Awuah adi mfe 47, wɔaware na ɔwɔ mma mmienu.... Toa so wɔ ha
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