Punch a user button!



Gotten frustrated with a user? Want to vent? Feel like punching them?

Don't worry, here's a script that adds a "Punch" button to every gravatar. You can punch all the worst users now:

enter image description here


The majority of the code from this was taken from this script by @balpha


Posted 2012-12-01T19:01:46.210

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1How does it work?Tomáš Zato 2014-11-20T15:05:50.653

@TomášZato just a bunch of moving images. Balpha created the animation, I just adapted it.Manishearth 2014-11-20T19:32:26.163

I hoped it will DoS their profile or somethin' :)Tomáš Zato 2014-11-20T22:27:29.063

@TomášZato and others who don't realize what's happening: it's only doing something client-side. No users are harmed in the process.Mast 2015-08-05T16:16:50.627

@Mast It's you, not me, who's not realizing something - I was just obviously joking.Tomáš Zato 2015-08-06T02:03:02.890

Does not seem to work for me. I disabled all user scripts to ensure there's no conflict, but still nothing shows up. ChromeMarcin Orlowski 2016-01-25T09:41:24.227

will someone who installed this post an image of it in action?JoeTaxpayer 2016-02-16T13:23:07.180

Yeah, it is broken.Ave 2016-02-17T16:00:49.593


@JoeTaxpayer http://i.stack.imgur.com/YHLYt.gif Not broken for me on latest Chrome (linux)

sehe 2016-03-13T23:34:44.340

err @sehe why me? of all the users? :-(Bhargav Rao 2017-04-12T15:09:05.100

1Works in Opera too. Tested right now on your gravatar. :Dfuxia 2012-12-01T19:11:24.683

@toscho Ah, thanks. removed the "only" added a bit about userscripts on Opera/Safari/IE. punches back :)Manishearth 2012-12-01T19:39:24.357

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