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Stack Mobile is about to get a breath of fresh air. I've just moved it to a brand new server with a blazing fast SSD.

Note: it may take up to a day or two for DNS changes to propagate.



Stack Mobile is a mobile-friendly front-end to all of the sites in the Stack Exchange network. It has a number of handy features that make browsing the sites easy and hassle-free. Here are just a few of them:

  • Full access to all questions, answers, comments, tags, and users on all Stack Exchange sites including ones that are in private beta.
  • Full question, user, and tag search capability.
  • The ability to easily switch between Stack Mobile and the equivalent page on the main site.
  • View tags and tag wiki excerpts as well as questions with certain tags.
  • View user profiles including a user's top five questions / answers.


Stack Mobile is released under the GPLv3.


The site should be accessible to virtually any phone browser.
I have tested with the following:

  • Android 2.2
  • webOS 1.4.1
  • Opera Mini 6.5

It was reported by a few of people that the site works perfectly on iPhone/iPad/iPod and BlackBerry. However, it is always nice to hear from people that the site displays fine on their phone.


Email me at


The source code for Stack Mobile is available on GitHub:

Nathan Osman

Posted 2010-05-20T05:39:50.237

Reputation: 22 100

@George: I get a network timeout actually. That's why I mentioned the possibility of your ISP blocking me (or mine blocking you). Accessing your IP gives the same behavior. Pinging you gives 100% packet loss.Felix 2010-06-06T23:43:43.900

@Felix: I'm really sorry that this isn't working. You could still view the site through an online proxy, though. I'll look into this in the meantime.Nathan Osman 2010-06-07T00:53:14.067

@George i would add pagination on search resultssystempuntoout 2010-06-08T18:00:27.883

@sys: Don't worry. It's in the works :)Nathan Osman 2010-06-09T00:39:04.357

I have now put the API key into place. Feel free to browse the site now.Nathan Osman 2010-05-20T19:20:30.600

2OMG... love it... seriously. Thanks so much!Cristian 2010-05-20T22:07:35.743

@George: Hey! I can view your site! Hurray! StackMobile looks awesome :)Felix 2010-06-15T22:54:21.153

@Felix: Great! It'll look even better soon because I'm creating a new theme for it.Nathan Osman 2010-06-16T00:04:39.323

1Well, the new site is up. Please try it out and let me know what you think!Nathan Osman 2010-06-19T22:50:41.673

Don't take this the wrong way but I was hesitant in giving this a +1 in its original form because of the lack of flexibility and layout. Now though... wow. +1's all round.Mark Henderson 2010-06-20T03:49:18.123

@Farseeker: Thanks! Any suggestions?Nathan Osman 2010-06-20T07:17:06.287

@George, nope, looks pretty good to me. Now bring on the v2 API - Read/Write :DMark Henderson 2010-06-20T10:15:05.370

I have now implemented pagination for specific questions.Nathan Osman 2010-06-21T00:44:23.967

You can add Windows 7 to you platform list :P Looking great!Ivo Flipse 2010-06-21T08:09:31.863

@Ivo: I assume you mean Windows Phone 7?Nathan Osman 2010-06-21T17:25:12.223

@George nope I meant Windows 7, but that wasn't meant to be taken very seriously...Ivo Flipse 2010-06-22T09:53:27.077

Looking good! I've incorporated your site into my Android widget now, thanks again!blork 2010-06-22T22:24:25.897

@blork: Thanks! ` `Nathan Osman 2010-06-22T22:54:01.250

You need to HTMLEncode the Title on this page:

Espo 2010-05-21T08:32:38.363

I sincerely hope someone explains the downvote.Nathan Osman 2010-07-01T17:22:06.283

Tested and looking good on an iPhone 4 with iOS 4Dave DeLong 2010-07-04T16:52:56.647

BTW: iOS4 screenshot of this question:

Dave DeLong 2010-07-05T06:50:09.357

@Dave: Thanks! I might move things around a bit after seeing the screenshot... some things are getting to crowded together.Nathan Osman 2010-07-05T16:13:44.480

Who's Nathan Osman?OscarRyz 2010-07-08T20:57:47.270

@Oscar: Heh-heh... take a guess :)Nathan Osman 2010-07-08T23:34:01.073

My iPhone 3G ended up in the bottom of a bucket of water last week (son's fault) so I reverted back to my oldschool Nokia N73. And the site looks... well... perfect! Great job!Mark Henderson 2010-07-17T09:28:46.897

@Farseeker: Great! Glad to hear that not-so-smart phones work too.Nathan Osman 2010-07-17T13:28:22.030

works on ZuneHD.studiohack 2010-08-15T22:40:46.360

Very cool, somewhat curious though - in chrome the application seems happy to shrink-width all the way down to single-word, but in the android browser, it seems to have a min-width of about 2 portrait screens. I wish I could tell you why this is. – None – 2010-05-24T08:39:18.607

How does one use this with ServerFault?Mark Henderson 2010-05-24T23:01:17.913

@Farseeker: You will be able to shortly... I'm working on it.Nathan Osman 2010-05-25T02:41:24.487

Cool. I'll keep an eye on this questionMark Henderson 2010-05-25T04:25:02.680

@Farseeker: Your wish has been granted! As of a few minutes ago, you can now access ServerFault and SuperUser.Nathan Osman 2010-05-25T04:46:46.087

2Nice. 1 suggestion - mobile apps should have short URL's.Techboy 2010-05-27T11:20:23.123

Kudos to you George, this is a great effort!TM. 2011-05-07T19:13:17.040

1+1 It works fine on iPhone OS as well.Dave DeLong 2010-05-29T23:54:21.863

@Dave: Thanks! It's always good to hear that the site works on phones that I don't have the resources to test.Nathan Osman 2010-05-30T00:16:59.103

It looks really good now. I was able to find a beta site easily with the search. It seems just a tad slow, but I would imagine the fancy jquery-mobile library isn't perfect.styfle 2012-01-11T06:16:23.830

@styfle: I am planning some enhancements to speed it up a bit.Nathan Osman 2012-01-11T06:20:52.050

@GeorgeEdison: If you could write about how you did the enhancements I would be grateful. I tried using jquery-mobile for the first time a couple weeks ago and found it to be a little laggy myself.styfle 2012-01-11T06:23:53.540

@styfle: Well, my "enhancement" will consist of moving the links to the site Metas to a separate page. Nothing major.Nathan Osman 2012-01-11T06:25:31.920

@GeorgeEdison: Ok, I thought you meant modifying the lib to improve transitions and stuff like that.styfle 2012-01-11T06:29:54.043

1this is beautiful, good work.Chet 2012-02-02T20:39:18.343

@Techboy +1 Was just about the same thing. :)Nathan Taylor 2010-06-01T17:07:08.890

2The site is hacked.. please check and rectify. i saw a different website at 12:38 IST. Wrote and email to you as well.Futur 2012-03-13T07:13:26.420

@Futur: I'm extremely sorry for the slow response - somehow I forgot about your message. Anyway, the site is back up now and the security breach has been patched. Everything is back to normal now.Nathan Osman 2012-03-28T05:27:07.747

@GeorgeEdison - Good to know. Thank you.Futur 2012-03-29T07:57:19.200

I have added tags and badges now.Nathan Osman 2010-06-02T07:39:55.540

@GeorgeEdison The site is now displaying 500 error (Internal Error)Benny 2012-05-04T10:33:48.633

@Benny: Sorry about that. It's fixed now.Nathan Osman 2012-05-04T20:22:19.637

@GeorgeEdison Thanks, yet another awesome job by you! :DBenny 2012-05-05T11:02:02.880

@BrandonClark: It's a web application. Just go to on your PlayBook's web browser.

Nathan Osman 2012-05-16T02:51:21.327

Working great on my playbook so far.Brandon Clark 2012-05-16T03:01:43.157

I'm getting API errors everywhere(Can't even select a site)hexafraction 2012-06-06T12:08:25.850

1@ObsessiveFOSS: Unfortunately the app has become too popular for its own good :P So many people are using it that it exceeds the rate limit for API requests and the API blocks the app for a few hours.Nathan Osman 2012-06-06T17:13:17.793

@George that's pretty amazing.Cool work!systempuntoout 2010-06-05T20:11:40.077

@sys: Thanks! Any suggestions for improvements? I'm already working on a new theme.Nathan Osman 2010-06-06T00:33:21.430

This is not working for me.. tried from both my pc and my android phone, it's just not loading.Felix 2010-06-06T11:29:49.490

Not working, I am getting errors on pc n my android phone both :/noob 2013-01-02T09:45:47.027

@Creator: Please see the preceding comment.Nathan Osman 2013-01-03T03:45:18.470

@GeorgeEdison un-acceptable. get the SE guys to fix this! :P Demand nothing but perfection.rlemon 2013-02-05T19:28:00.733

@Felix: Is it working now? I just checked and it seems fine.Nathan Osman 2010-06-06T15:27:33.950

@George, no it's not. Not on my home WiFi or 3G. And I remember trying it a couple days ago and it wasn't working then either. I'm from Romania, if that is relevant in any way.Felix 2010-06-06T16:43:49.517

@Felix: That's weird. Can you access my home page: ?

Nathan Osman 2010-06-06T16:54:20.467

Nope, not over home WiFi or carrier 3G. Maybe your ISP is blocking East Europeans :)Felix 2010-06-06T17:19:27.110

@Felix: Just a stab in the dark, but can you acess the IP directly?

Nathan Osman 2010-06-06T19:00:51.923

Also, what kind of error do you get? A 404, 403, or a blank page...?Nathan Osman 2010-06-06T19:03:49.680



One margin is enough!

One margin is enough!

The defining characteristic of mobile screens is that they are small; every pixel counts! A design with two margins is wasteful (and also adds extra visual noise).

John Siracusa

Posted 2010-05-20T05:39:50.237

Reputation: 291

So you're saying I should shrink them?Nathan Osman 2010-07-09T15:24:48.543

I'm saying there should only be one margin between the edge of the screen and the content. (And yes, that one margin should be smaller than the sum of the existing two.)John Siracusa 2010-07-09T15:51:18.637

I shrunk the margins quite a bit now.Nathan Osman 2010-07-11T22:27:53.387


Would it be possible to replace the stackMobile logo with the current sites logo?

For example instead of putting stackMobile in the title bar:

replace that with the sites name:


Posted 2010-05-20T05:39:50.237

Reputation: 203

I'll consider this. I wouldn't be able to implement it for a couple of days anyway. Thanks for the feedback!Nathan Osman 2010-07-21T05:15:02.707

I put the name of the site in the middle now.Nathan Osman 2010-08-10T18:11:46.623

@George: I like the change. It's a good compromise.Kredns 2010-08-16T06:32:47.260


I think it's interesting that a 3×3 grid is becoming a metaphor for "Home", but in cases like this where the home screen is not actually a 3×3 grid of buttons, I don't know if everyone will get it. You could just as easily put a "Home" button up there.

Lanny Heidbreder

Posted 2010-05-20T05:39:50.237

Reputation: 111

Well... actually the 3x3 grid is supposed to be StackMobile's logo and eventually will be replaced by a back button. I'm thinking of pointing the "StackMobile" header at the top to the home page.Nathan Osman 2010-07-09T20:39:19.727


There is a problem with codes in posts.

Code lines are not breaking and some part might not be visible - see missing parts here:

I'd suggest removing the css for post maxwidth and set width to paragraphs of text for reader's comfort, leaving out the code


Posted 2010-05-20T05:39:50.237

Reputation: 111

What do you mean by set width to paragraphs of text?Nathan Osman 2010-08-10T15:30:37.683

Actually I think I know what you're talking about... the <code> section is getting clipped at the right side. This has been something I've tried to fix before, but it's a complex issue. It's not as simple as just removing the forced with of the block.Nathan Osman 2010-08-10T18:15:49.080

I think it's purely a CSS thing. change width and overflow and if this isn't enough - use word-wrapnaugtur 2010-12-07T07:52:25.470

This may be fixed with the new version now.Nathan Osman 2011-07-05T05:38:31.400


In a users profile the top 5 questions/answers show the latest 5 questions/answers instead.

For example on my profile.

juergen d

Posted 2010-05-20T05:39:50.237

Reputation: 111