MyStacks - "Stack Overflow trilogy" iPhone app (free)


v.1.3 of MyStacks, an unofficial iPhone app for browsing questions on the Stack Overflow trilogy sites, is now available in the app store.

Current Version

  • Saves articles offline once viewed
  • Choose active, featured, week or month feed.
  • Search articles
  • Browse specific tags
  • Instantly swap between,, and

Upcoming Version

  • Browse user profiles
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Ideas needed...

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Ben Reeves

Posted 2010-03-15T21:58:09.713


Post a screenshot of this question on the iPhone, for meta-ness. (I don't have an iPhone)Mark Rushakoff 2010-03-15T22:02:02.693

I can't because it doesn't work with at present. Sorry. – None – 2010-03-15T22:12:15.840


I bet if someone were feeling skippy and the app works by sending requests directly to, someone could route all requests to/from to on their wifi network and proceed accordingly

– None – 2010-03-15T22:15:24.590

@snicker yeah that would probably work. Looking at the html code it's nearly exactly the same. I'll add meta in the next version anyway. – None – 2010-03-15T22:25:43.587

8You just made my dayJoel Coehoorn 2010-03-15T22:35:59.307

i downloaded it, but it says Stack...rflow instead. did i do it wrong? – None – 2010-03-16T01:48:57.650

@qntmfred, nah that's normal, it's because StackOverflow is too long to fit in the icon width, so the iPhone strips out the middle of the name.Mark Henderson 2010-03-16T01:51:28.910

yeah i know. just mocking users. still looks a little silly. not sure if there's a more appropriate name that avoids that problem – None – 2010-03-16T01:57:26.860

2iS[OFU(E)] might work for the name. – None – 2010-03-16T14:44:45.273


Maybe it's just me, but @BenReeves, your profile's web site link seems broken because it has "www". There are two ways you could fix this. The non-www URL works fine:

cregox 2010-03-16T18:41:19.057

@Cawas Thanks, I'll take a look. It's a personal site really anyway, nobody goes on it. – None – 2010-03-18T04:04:18.273



I like it so far. Any plans to support the rest of the trilogy or other StackExchange sites? Or posting content?


Posted 2010-03-15T21:58:09.713


2+1 Support for other sites would be good.Zoredache 2010-03-15T22:38:37.467

Pretty please! I'm a ServerFaulter, so the SO isn't particularly useful for me (but I'll download it anyway)Mark Henderson 2010-03-16T01:34:51.080

2I've just tested the app with,, and and everyone worked perfectly. Got to love it when everything comes together nicely. I've never used or and their designs are too different to work out the box, so I won't be integrating them. – None – 2010-03-16T03:31:13.257

2@Ben howtogeek and doctype are not part of the trilogy so there's no need to bring them into the mix.alex 2010-03-16T07:51:09.493


nice to see an app out there finally. couple things i noticed

  • the refresh feed icon looks like it's stuck/frozen when not animating
  • get rid of the refresh feed bar. move it to the top right corner maybe?
  • when you scroll to the top and bottom, it doesn't do the elastic animation
  • make tags buttons to browse that tag's questions


Posted 2010-03-15T21:58:09.713

Reputation: 121

Haha yeah I noticed the elastic animation. Didn't really bother me though.Mark Henderson 2010-03-16T02:11:51.593

I kind of like the refresh bar at the top, the idea is from the facebook app which is one of the most popular apps in the store. All the other points you mentioned should be fixed. Ben – None – 2010-03-18T04:06:33.810


Please do a blackberry app. I'll buy.

Lance Roberts

Posted 2010-03-15T21:58:09.713

Reputation: 119

Just to note, I've now switched over the the Iphone but I'll leave this answer up for Blackberry users.Lance Roberts 2012-03-06T00:39:14.040


Like the idea - code samples don't render so well (too wide) in mobile Safari - but there's a long way to go.

I'm reluctant to directly link to it, but I see there is a paid app in the app store that purports to be a viewer for SO, but doesn't make clear whether it is directly affiliated or not. Includes a screen shot with Jeff's name and well-known Coding Horror icon - which seems a bit off if it isn't "official".

martin clayton

Posted 2010-03-15T21:58:09.713

Reputation: 111

5no that isn't official.Jeff Atwood 2010-03-16T01:54:13.837

maybe it's the official Code Complete app – None – 2010-03-16T01:55:24.677


Love it, look forward to the next release!

One thing though - timezones need some work. Everything is "11 hours ago" for me (GMT+11)

Mark Henderson

Posted 2010-03-15T21:58:09.713

Reputation: 3 338


Can someone port this to Windows? It looks better than the current site -- and it seems ot have less advertisements. Maybe you could add Yahoo Questions, and Experts Exchange too that way it isn't so one sided. That will probably also widen the adoption, Yahoo Answers is still the 600lb gorilla.

Evan Carroll

Posted 2010-03-15T21:58:09.713

Reputation: 101

11If you could just keep your reputation above 200, you would see far fewer advertisements.Ether 2010-03-20T17:02:24.877