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79 Why is "agua" masculine in singular form and feminine in plural? "El agua" / "Las aguas" ¿Por qué decimos "el agua" si es una palabra femenina? 2011-11-15T21:25:54.713

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67 Origin and usage of "¿" and "¡" 2011-11-16T00:27:31.587

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45 Is there a difference between "español" and "castellano"? // ¿Hay alguna diferencia entre "español" y "castellano"? 2011-12-14T08:40:20.200

44 Why is the "X" in 'México' or 'Texas' pronunced as the letter "J"? / ¿Por qué la "X" de palabras como "México" o "Texas" se pronuncian como "J"? 2011-11-16T21:25:39.430

41 How to pronounce the consonants "y" and "ll"? 2011-11-15T20:52:27.287

41 Understanding ya vs. todavía vs. aún 2012-09-08T04:30:58.420

39 Question words: "qué" versus "cuál" 2011-11-15T21:07:56.910

39 Why don't Spanish words start with "sp"? 2011-11-28T21:12:30.887

38 Bonita, linda, hermosa, bella, and guapa: what's the difference? 2011-12-08T02:01:05.603

37 ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre tú, usted y vos? 2011-11-15T20:56:40.383

37 What's the difference between "vamos" and "vámonos"? 2012-05-22T06:56:56.160

36 Can I learn to roll my R's? 2012-01-10T00:04:49.163

36 Is there a Spanish equivalent to "-ish"? 2012-05-09T04:45:02.900

35 Are there other words in Spanish that can't be written? (like sal-le) 2012-03-01T20:49:10.213

33 Why is 'estar muerto' used instead of 'ser muerto'? 2011-12-06T22:20:07.807

33 'Ser' and 'estar' for location / Uso de "ser" y "estar" para ubicación 2012-02-09T19:36:10.533

33 Why is "De nada" used as a response to "Gracias"? // ¿Por qué decimos "de nada" como respuesta a "gracias"? 2012-08-07T12:22:58.783

32 ¿Por qué es la palabra «mano» femenina? 2011-11-15T21:17:51.077

32 Significance of adjective placement 2011-11-17T19:53:20.107

32 Translation Golf XLVIII — We're sorry to see you go 2019-09-30T14:09:11.627

31 'vos' vs 'tú' usage by country 2011-11-15T21:10:34.877

31 What's the difference between "dentro" and "adentro"? 2011-12-07T00:09:30.487

30 Preterite of ser and ir 2011-11-16T16:40:32.897

30 How do I ask someone not to call me "usted"? 2012-04-11T03:07:32.200

29 Are there native-born Spanish speakers that can't trill their R's? 2011-11-16T13:44:33.543

29 How did "asistir" and "atender" become opposite of their cognates in English? 2012-07-20T18:27:00.770

28 What does "lo" in "(no) lo es" refer to? 2011-11-23T17:01:11.740

28 Is "¿Qué hora es?" or "¿Qué horas son?" preferred? 2011-11-30T15:30:22.093

28 Why isn't "good morning" "buenas mañanas"? 2011-12-14T09:38:56.100

28 Etymologically, why do "ser" and "estar" exist? / Etimológicamente, ¿por qué existen "ser" y "estar"? 2016-10-20T06:02:25.510

27 When to use "ya" and "todavía" 2011-11-15T21:21:58.747

27 How to pronounce 'C++' in Spanish 2019-04-25T19:16:27.360

26 Why is "la Gestapo" feminine? 2019-03-18T15:52:06.403

25 How should I translate "table" (as in a data table)? 2011-11-15T21:05:54.320

25 When to use "que" and "de que" 2011-11-15T21:45:05.360

25 When is uppercase used in English but lowercase in Spanish? 2012-02-07T18:10:44.633

25 Is there a difference between "claro" and "por supuesto"? 2012-06-14T14:51:47.813

24 Difference between "por" and "para" 2011-11-15T21:18:22.457

24 What's the correct way to say printed? 2011-11-16T00:06:32.610

24 How do I know whether to attach a direct object pronoun to the infinitive? 2011-11-17T17:06:45.023

24 I forgot how to say "I forgot" 2011-12-09T06:55:57.990

24 ¿En qué países la palabra "coger" tiene connotaciones sexuales? 2014-10-02T03:23:02.280

23 "Está hecho de..." why not "es hecho de"? 2011-11-16T03:39:24.143

23 "vaso de agua" or "vaso con agua"? Which is correct? 2011-11-24T17:09:37.773

23 Differences betwen "ahí", "allí", and "allá" 2012-02-06T10:20:27.933

23 What is the history of the "personal a"? 2013-05-28T05:46:20.073


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