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43 Functional Programming and Scientific Computing 2013-11-08T17:13:45.407

41 Where can one obtain good data sets/test problems for testing algorithms/routines? 2011-11-30T07:18:55.320

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40 How to link code to publications 2012-01-12T14:14:59.723

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40 Scientific standards for numerical errors 2012-10-09T16:05:14.243

39 Why is division so much more complex than other arithmetic operations? 2011-12-02T19:59:07.543

39 What's the state of the art in parallel ODE methods? 2013-06-19T16:27:30.213

38 Parallelizing a for-loop in Python 2015-05-07T00:21:50.350

37 What programming paradigms should I be investing in if I want my code to run on petascale machines in the future? 2011-12-01T18:39:00.447

37 Venues for publishing papers that emphasize software 2012-01-12T14:11:18.340

36 Symbolic software packages for Matrix expressions? 2011-11-30T14:05:53.540

36 How does the MATLAB backslash operator solve $Ax=b$ for square matrices? 2012-01-25T16:20:38.820

36 Is it possible to have a career in SciComp without contributing to arms research? 2019-07-18T15:35:17.757

35 What attributes make a figure "professional-quality"? 2011-12-12T01:24:00.923

35 Mathematical Libraries for OpenCL? 2011-12-12T20:11:28.633

35 Are there simple ways to numerically solve the time-dependent Schrödinger equation? 2014-02-07T21:23:46.237

34 How do I make sure that the results of my simulations and the results in my paper are always in sync? 2012-06-14T18:14:46.890

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34 CUDA vs OpenCL as of late 2013 2013-12-19T20:18:02.840

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33 Strange oscillation when solving the advection equation by finite-difference with fully closed Neumann boundary conditions (reflection at boundaries) 2013-03-04T12:52:14.127

32 why is A*v+B*v faster than (A+B)*v? 2020-01-15T21:54:42.387

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31 Performance differences between ATLAS and MKL? 2011-12-03T23:57:38.183

31 Modern resources for learning FEM 2012-02-27T04:01:53.590

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30 Scientific workflow management system 2012-03-13T15:54:42.913

30 Good examples of "two is easy, three is hard" in computational sciences 2019-05-16T00:08:11.513

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