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35 The meaning of "давай" when saying good bye 2012-12-03T23:12:31.163

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30 "Руки не доходят посмотреть" - what does it mean? 2014-02-04T18:05:21.403

30 In Russian, do vehicles walk? And can one walk across the city using the bus? 2017-07-10T06:14:55.380

28 What is correct: "их" or "ихний"? 2012-06-14T08:04:48.520

27 ахуеть and охуеть - which is used, and what is the precise meaning? 2012-06-17T10:30:28.670

26 Слово "дно" во множественном числе 2012-06-14T05:50:24.343

26 Equivalent adjective of 'thirsty' in Russian 2012-06-14T12:10:32.957

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25 Elementary understanding of the concept aspect 2012-06-14T21:11:30.380

24 What is the order of adjectival premodifiers? 2012-06-14T02:10:04.360

24 Is the Ukrainian language understandable for the average Russian native speaker? 2012-06-17T20:58:03.557

24 Are there words that can be spelled with both т and ф? 2012-06-18T06:41:31.833

24 Как бы звучало по-русски название медведя *r̥ḱs-os/*r̥ḱt-os, доживи оно до наших дней? 2014-12-25T12:31:36.440

23 How are short and long form adjectives used differently? 2012-06-13T20:45:54.690

23 mathematical pronunciation of 1 2012-06-14T04:29:24.630

23 Чаю vs. чая: what ending is correct? 2012-06-17T13:50:46.377

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23 "Left" and "right" in Russian 2012-07-14T15:28:59.640

23 How to address people in the street? 2012-07-16T18:53:44.730

23 Usage patterns of "надо" vs. "нужно" 2012-11-07T13:35:51.610

22 Been learning Russian for 10 years, still can't understand my wife when she talks with her friends, what to do? 2015-06-22T20:57:34.130

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21 Does Russian have patronymics of foreign names? 2017-11-12T19:05:30.503

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20 What does "-с" suffix mean? 2012-06-19T07:16:10.263

20 Is it odd to say "До свидания" to somebody if you are unlikely to ever meet them again? 2012-06-27T18:09:14.223

20 The history and meaning of "ни фига себе" 2012-07-05T23:07:04.847

20 Why does "ебало" mean a face and "ебаться" mean to fuck? 2014-06-26T07:26:03.507

20 Why do some say "на Украине" and others "в Украине" and what is correct? 2015-01-15T01:02:52.103

20 Is there a non stressed ё? 2018-03-12T12:51:47.773

20 In Russian, can "мы" be used to refer to "you" in conversation? 2018-06-25T12:14:45.157

19 Learning to pronounce hard R 2012-06-14T03:14:32.177

19 What's the first person singular future of победить 2012-06-14T13:52:12.730

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