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50 Bypassing copy protection in microcontrollers using glitching 2013-04-10T10:04:44.750

49 What is a good Java decompiler and deobfuscator? 2013-03-29T15:44:07.180

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40 Decompiling iPhone App 2014-04-18T10:11:59.700

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39 What are the targets of professional reverse software engineering? 2014-10-15T04:47:33.150

38 Is there any way to decompile a .NET assembly or program? 2013-03-20T16:18:40.027

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34 What is the reason for this method to call itself? 2013-04-08T12:42:47.817

33 What hints in machine code can point me to the compiler which was used to generate it? 2013-03-19T20:01:48.563

33 Reverse engineering T-Disk barcodes for Tassimo coffee makers 2014-03-20T16:45:59.747

32 How can I analyse an executable with no read permission? 2013-03-20T21:22:29.067

31 What is the current state of the art for platform modeling? 2013-03-19T19:05:55.320

31 Open source GUI tool for decomposing a PDF 2013-04-03T03:09:07.193

30 What is a FLIRT signature? 2013-03-23T08:48:10.120

30 Why is disassembly not an exact science? 2013-08-04T13:43:59.523

29 Why there are not any disassemblers that can generate re-assemblable asm code? 2014-03-06T00:50:44.160

28 Decompiling Android application 2013-03-20T09:02:41.433

28 What kinds of steps can I take to make my C++ application harder to reverse engineer? 2013-03-21T11:05:10.740

28 Why are machine code decompilers less capable than for example those for the CLR and JVM? 2013-03-27T10:12:23.533

28 How do I identify and use JTAG? 2013-03-29T18:32:04.087

27 What is a good tools to reverse the effects of Minify on JavaScript? 2013-03-20T14:15:38.103

26 How do you reverse engineer an EXE "compiled" with PyInstaller 2013-03-22T14:01:31.240

26 How do I move from RCE being a hobby to RCE being a profession? 2013-04-16T23:13:49.257

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24 Reversing an FPGA circuit 2013-03-20T17:27:34.680

24 How to reverse engineer a proprietary data file format (e.g. Smartboard Notebook)? 2013-03-25T21:45:01.723


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