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154 What algorithm did Microsoft use to dither colour in early versions of Windows? 2016-12-08T00:34:45.623

101 It's now safe to turn off your computer 2018-06-20T07:19:12.160

97 How did Commodore's anti-Microsoft Easter Egg work? 2017-08-02T16:45:40.330

93 Was there ever any reason to wait 30 seconds to restart a c.1995 PC? 2018-02-05T08:56:50.713

87 How can tilting a N64 cartridge cause such subtle glitches? 2016-11-01T15:41:45.140

87 Does "Disk Operating System" imply that there was a "non-disk" Operating System? 2017-03-05T01:50:56.133

86 How was early randomness generated? 2017-02-05T10:22:30.750

77 Why would a NES game use an undocumented 1-byte or 2-byte NOP in production? 2016-12-04T04:21:22.730

75 Were there 8086 coprocessors other than the 8087? 2017-03-06T13:36:23.223

74 Why were CLIs typically light text on dark background, whereas GUIs typically use(d) dark text on light background? 2018-09-14T20:23:16.437

73 Why was BASIC built into so many operating systems? 2016-05-11T20:20:20.267

73 How did people use ed? 2018-01-03T22:11:55.383

69 What key factor led to the sudden commercial success of MS Windows with v3.0? 2017-03-02T21:26:51.780

67 Why does the Minus World exist? 2016-11-06T19:31:09.187

67 What technological factors drove the rise of "high-speed" modems in the early 1990s? 2017-11-22T15:25:40.757

66 Did any 8-bit computer system / OS have concepts for concurrency and multitasking like we know from today? 2017-08-22T17:27:58.983

64 How did Windows 3.1 implement multitasking? 2016-06-07T23:25:40.107

62 How was C ported to architectures that had no hardware stack? 2018-08-06T12:24:39.133

61 Why did Unix use slash as the directory separator? 2018-07-12T17:07:43.983

60 Where did the popularity of the `i` variable come from? 2016-11-30T23:54:12.170

60 What character is the MS-DOS cursor? 2018-01-31T19:15:23.403

59 Did Apple not originally allow anyone to develop software for the Macintosh? 2017-03-21T00:13:55.943

58 Is it safe to turn on a 40-year old TRS-80? 2018-01-17T12:53:10.207

57 Were later MS-DOS versions still implemented in x86 assembly? 2018-10-07T09:16:19.353

56 Why did some early CPUs use external math chips? 2018-04-04T08:15:41.130

55 Why are a lot of monochrome computer monitors green? 2016-06-01T23:40:22.113

55 Why do C to Z80 compilers produce poor code? 2018-03-28T11:42:00.260

54 Reason for the Amiga clock speed 2017-01-24T19:36:02.353

54 What are the software logos in MORICONS.DLL? 2018-06-10T19:15:59.997

53 Why did DOS use dollar-terminated strings? 2018-09-19T17:19:27.563

52 Why use static RAM addresses instead of the stack? 2016-05-17T15:10:45.650

51 What's the story behind the name "X11"? 2017-06-07T08:25:19.567

50 What early home computers have more than one CPU, where both could be used by the programmer? 2017-01-21T13:31:41.990

50 How were the first ZX Spectrum games written? 2017-07-16T14:01:31.373

48 Why did base64 win against uuencode? 2017-06-01T14:40:24.803

48 How was the first assembler for a new home computer platform written? 2017-07-18T16:00:53.047

47 What is the infamous instruction LOADALL on the 80286 and what was it used for? 2016-06-24T14:17:03.710

47 What was Nintendo's Software Development Environment for NES Games? 2016-07-20T16:01:53.720

47 Why did Commodore fill their power supplies with epoxy? 2017-08-07T15:16:32.753

46 Which Linux or BSD distributions do still support i386, i486 or i586 CPUs? 2016-12-01T20:22:46.397

46 Did personal computers ever support 8" floppies? 2018-09-20T08:46:03.113

45 Why do older computer cases turn yellow? 2016-04-21T12:58:14.197

44 Are there any modern compilers that can generate Amiga/m68k executables? 2016-05-21T13:30:41.540

44 How exactly does Sonic & Knuckles' 'Lock-On Technology' work? 2016-09-26T13:38:28.773

44 How were Western computer chips reverse-engineered in USSR? 2016-12-05T19:30:59.723

44 Why would older video games include fragments of source code? 2017-03-10T13:16:17.523

44 Why was preemptive multitasking so slow in coming to consumer OS's? 2018-09-26T16:20:20.847

43 Why is Windows using CRLF and Unix just LF when Unix is the older system? 2018-05-03T15:21:26.360

43 Why did F1 become the Help Key? 2018-06-14T14:05:51.330

43 Why were chips socketed in early computers? 2018-09-05T14:20:43.960


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