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199 Why are so many Americans against Obamacare? 2017-05-05T09:06:36.207

153 Why is communism considered as evil (like fascism and nazism) in the United States? 2017-11-15T16:14:06.727

136 Has there ever been a documented instance of the problem that net neutrality purports to solve? 2017-11-22T14:57:18.220

128 Why is President Trump making such a big deal about fake news, and specifically targeting reputable organizations like The New York Times and CNN? 2017-02-26T01:36:04.987

119 Why were pre-election polls and forecast models so wrong about Donald Trump? 2016-11-09T10:32:55.367

119 Why is the Trump Administration often labeled as anti-science? 2017-04-23T16:50:12.640

112 Why is populism seen as being negative or bad? 2017-02-08T06:41:07.393

111 Why couldn't Republicans who voted to repeal Obamacare so many times under Obama do it under a Republican president? 2017-03-24T21:02:43.900

105 Why does the pardon of Arpaio show contempt for the rule of law? 2017-08-28T23:49:03.227

98 Why is the climate change debate so often framed in terms of whether or not it's due to human activity? 2017-11-02T14:42:35.180

92 Why is Greece's debt considered a problem but not US debt, which is much larger? 2017-06-19T10:54:01.000

91 What is the capitalist answer to automation? 2017-04-19T15:21:22.427

90 Why is there no effective anti-gun lobby in the United States? 2017-11-08T16:30:31.123

88 Is President Trump right that there was violence on "both sides" in Charlottesville? 2017-08-15T23:37:37.613

86 Is there a way to block an elected President from entering office? 2016-11-09T17:41:08.390

86 Why do some people take issue with kneeling during the anthem in US? 2017-09-26T15:37:23.223

85 Why does ISIS continue to do things to make their "enemy" even more determined to go after them? 2017-05-23T14:09:46.753

84 Do politicians use bug trackers or version control etc.? 2017-08-05T15:08:50.590

84 Could Ecuador get Julian Assange out of the UK by giving him some mail to deliver? 2018-01-15T16:18:37.213

83 What are the benefits for the US in declaring Jerusalem as Israel's capital? 2017-12-06T19:16:49.643

79 How does Donald Trump Jr. benefit from releasing the e-mails he released? 2017-07-12T07:23:52.743

77 How can I respond to Whataboutism? 2017-02-28T16:54:42.907

77 Is there any record of Trickle Down Economics improving the economy? 2017-12-05T23:35:43.873

74 Why is Trump winning, when I know so few people who admit to voting for him? 2016-03-01T02:55:11.723

73 How does North Korea prevent their ambassadors/diplomats living abroad from defecting? 2017-08-17T14:42:27.507

72 What specifically did Michael Flynn do wrong? 2017-02-14T13:36:17.157

72 You have the right to remain silent, but why? 2017-08-24T06:03:53.190

72 Why would Madrid be so insistent on preventing the Catalonian independence referendum? 2017-10-01T13:02:03.297

71 What are Trump's incentives for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement? 2017-05-31T14:12:09.900

70 What is meant by the "left" and the "right"? 2012-12-04T22:08:50.417

70 What did Reagan mean when he said: The nine most terrifying words in the English language are "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."? 2017-10-25T13:24:04.183

68 Could the UK re-join EU after leaving? 2016-06-24T18:05:38.440

68 Why don't poor people vote in the United States? 2017-05-28T12:55:33.120

68 Why does the US not just accept North Korea's nuclear ambitions and attempt to mend relationships? 2017-09-04T06:49:05.630

67 In the US why is nationalism equated with racism? 2017-10-10T19:49:48.593

63 What significance could the information in Donald Trump's tax return have to his campaign? 2016-09-27T06:31:00.407

63 What reasons may Donald Trump have had for firing FBI Director James Comey? 2017-05-10T02:53:38.947

63 How can the influence of wealthy individuals on democratic processes be reduced? 2017-11-08T09:36:29.580

62 What is this line of counties voting for the Democratic party in the 2016 elections? 2016-11-09T05:46:04.833

62 Why is privacy a subject felt more in Europe rather than the US? 2017-09-13T11:39:14.767

61 What challenges remain for online voting? 2012-12-04T22:25:32.933

61 Why are gun restrictions based on terror watch list and mental health so controversial in the US? 2017-03-01T10:17:29.057

61 Why are Weapon Restriction Laws considered Liberal? 2017-09-11T13:20:43.640

60 Why don't the other countries of Europe maintain as massive a military as Russia does? 2017-02-08T09:49:46.063

59 Why would the DNC try to prevent Bernie Sanders from getting the Democratic Nomination? 2017-10-16T18:35:59.663

58 What specifically did Hillary Clinton say or do, to seem untrustworthy to Americans? 2016-11-14T01:19:44.667

58 Why shouldn't BBC have to register as a foreign agent? 2018-01-05T07:30:40.237

56 What is the most someone can lose the popular vote by but still win the electoral college? 2016-11-09T14:39:37.597

56 Why is Trump's omission of an explicit mention of Jews from the holocaust memorial a big deal? 2017-02-03T17:28:08.793

56 Does the Electoral College system really favor low population areas? 2017-12-06T23:04:43.547


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