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31 Prior art for video games played according to a selected value system such as the claimed "codes of honor" 2012-09-07T12:53:00.397

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30 URL pointing to time of video (Google) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST 2012-10-03T12:39:50.827

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28 Prior art for US patent application 20140196008 'IMMUTABLE OBJECT TYPES' 2014-08-27T12:43:10.807

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25 Should I patent my idea before posting it on the internet? 2012-09-21T00:03:21.863

25 Is it worth patenting an algorithm if I don't have the money to defend against infringements? 2017-05-24T08:15:56.290

24 Prior art request for WO2014027990 "Performance tests in a continuous deployment pipeline" 2015-03-02T09:21:56.323

23 Photography lighting (Amazon) - Issued Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST 2014-05-05T21:37:49.383

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20 Can software or a block of code under the GPL or a similar license be patented? 2012-09-08T05:19:52.610

20 What does "patent pending" mean? 2012-09-21T00:22:17.567

20 Which patents were involved in Apple v. Samsung? 2012-09-21T06:16:25.107

19 Can we not invalidate older patents? - i.e. World Inc vs Blizzard Entertainment 2012-09-20T15:24:25.113

18 Can a granted patent be deeded to the public? 2012-09-06T03:57:29.130

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17 Are US software patents enforceable in the UK? 2012-09-21T08:21:04.297

16 What should I do if my name is missing from a patent? 2012-09-05T21:48:00.403

15 What does the term 'commodity' mean in patent 7,222,078? 2012-09-05T22:33:41.490

15 Is use in foreign countries a bar to patentability? 2012-09-06T20:58:51.000

15 How to make an invention un-patentable easily? 2012-09-07T15:24:34.510

15 Prior art for ice cream maker insulated with inflatable cushion 2012-09-20T00:16:02.517

14 Prior art for a simple versioning system on a document database 2012-09-18T15:28:39.393

14 Prior art for using a camera in self-driving cars 2012-09-18T20:46:57.083

14 Can the non-obviousness of an invention be challenged if the difference to prior art is only the mathematical-statistical approach? 2012-09-19T09:25:21.967

14 Prior art for "Style and layout caching of web content" 2012-09-20T16:05:17.783

14 Prior art for Apple's Magsafe 2012-09-20T16:17:39.953

14 Relational Database - Using Objects to Access A Relational Database (DataTern) - Issued Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST 2012-09-24T16:46:09.177

14 Does looking at prior art searches pose a risk for engineers? 2012-09-21T12:29:45.413

14 Prior art for a web-based system for commissioning software development 2012-09-25T16:01:38.537

14 CALL FOR PRIOR ART: (Nintendo) Object transparency based on distance in virtual environment 2013-03-27T19:16:26.660

13 Can a very basic shape of a product be patented? 2012-09-07T02:56:54.610

13 What are the possible consequences of using software developed outside of the US that infringes a software patent? 2012-09-11T08:01:51.333

13 Prior Art for GoDaddy Patent Announcing a Domain Name Registration on a Social Website 2012-09-27T13:24:42.610

13 ONLINE ESCORT SERVICE Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST 2013-05-21T20:31:14.683

13 User Interface - Changing icon appearance based on frequency of use (Samsung) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST 2013-07-19T11:27:46.330

12 When patenting in the United States, what impact does patenting in other countries too have? 2012-09-08T12:06:19.483

12 CALL FOR PRIOR ART: “Method and System for Weight Management” (13/466,661) 2012-09-19T16:56:14.327

12 Can game mechanics be patented? 2012-09-20T16:58:08.740


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