Data download for Chinese meteorological satellites



Data for NOAA meteorological satellites can be downloaded through the NOAA CLASS archive.

Where, if anywhere, can I download data for the Chinese FY-3* meteorological satellites?


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Also search

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@fgregg OK I posted an answer – Dan – 2013-05-10T07:08:56.500

@fgregg Because I know nothing about satellites and I was trying to understand the question first. – Andreas Blaesus – 2013-05-10T08:30:14.537

gerrit, do you want data ABOUT these satellites (position, age, name, technologies, etc) or data TAKEN BY these satellites (images, measures)? – Nicolas Raoul – 2014-10-16T10:16:00.697

looking for something like this: ? It appears you have to pay for some, if not most, of the data though.

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Satellite data download page

You can then download a "quickview" by clicking the little "picture" icon: enter image description here

The full resolution data seemingly require payment.

---Information below is OBSOLETE. ---

Try FENGYUN Satellite Data Center. Getting the data from it can be a little tricky.

First click one of the icons:

screenshot 1

In the next page, remember to select one of the "products" before clicking "next": enter image description here

I haven't really used the system. It seems you need to pay for the data. However, "quickviews" are free:

enter image description here

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I removed my reference to the 风云 satellite data center in my answer since you found this. – Dan – 2013-05-10T19:06:39.023

Andy, the link now returns an error... – Nicolas Raoul – 2014-10-16T10:16:57.860

@NicolasRaoul Thanks for pointing out. I think they changed the website interface and I've updated the answer accordingly. – Andreas Blaesus – 2014-10-25T15:15:07.173


I first searched the Chinese Government's Public Information site for FY-3 and found 8 articles related to this kind of satellite, but no data sets. The articles had to do with beginning to use these satellites for various meteorological projects (November 2009) and the development of a system for processing this data (articles from 2009-2011). I did not see any actual data sets, however.


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1If you search "风云" (which FY stands for) on the govinfo site, you'll get 738 results. :) – Andreas Blaesus – 2013-05-10T08:35:43.777

Yes "Fengyun." If you answer, I'll gladly remove the second paragraph of my answer and vote yours up. You clearly know more about it than me - that's why I only commented originally. – Dan – 2013-05-10T15:21:45.720

Here are the results if you search "风云":

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Try checking the UCS Satellite database. They track over 1000 satellites orbiting the earth.

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