Piano song featured on many soundtracks, including "House"


I originally heard this song on the series House, but it's been featured in many scores in movies and for years.

I've been searching for the original song to no avail, but recently I found that Jincheng Zhang has posted it on Youtube.


Who is the original artist, and what is the title and composer?

Noel Beaton

Posted 2019-08-19T22:36:07.183

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This is Gymnopédie no.1 by the French composer and pianist Eric Satie (1866-1925).
Satie wrote mainly for the piano. Two of his sets of pieces, the Gymnopédies (1888)and the Gnossiennes (1889-1897) are by far his best known works.

As far as I can tell, Jincheng Zhang used the version of the piece available from the YouTube Audio Library. There's no information there on who the pianist is.


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