What are the words spoken at the start of "I'll Do the Talking Tonight" song (Russian language)?


The Bollywood Movie Agent Vinod (2012) has a song named I'll do the talking tonight.

The song starts with some Russian lines. I searched everywhere in the internet but I didn't find a single article or website explaining the meaning of those Russian lines.

If anybody in this forum knows, please listen to the song if you haven't and explain. It's been a mystery since 2012. :D

Listen to this song online here

HV Sharma

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The lyrics are in Serbian, not Russian. These lines come from the song "Ruse kose curo imaš":

Serbian text:
Aman, da gi žalim,
ne bi ti gi dala
da gi mrsiš ti!

Translation (by lyricstranslate)
Even if I did,
I wouldn't give them to you
To play with them

You can listen to the song itself, performed by Gordana Lazarević, on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Erp_TTeVmM

default locale

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I was looking for since the day it came. Just curiosity. How did you find it? – HV Sharma – 2019-08-22T04:13:28.780

2@HarshvardhanSharma well, I instantly recognized that it's not Russian. Then I asssumed that it's Slavic, tried typing out lyrics to Google, and after multiple attempts kind of got lucky :) – default locale – 2019-08-22T04:20:52.480

1Cool! You seriously did a big help. :D – HV Sharma – 2019-08-22T04:22:52.363


I listen the song now. The lyrics are not in Russian. They are in hindi.

Here you have the english translation: https://www.filmyquotes.com/songs/2955


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I do know that it's an Indian song. But it starts with a lady singing song in Russian language and that lyrics are not mentioned anywhere in the internet. It comes after keywords 'lights..' and before 'I'll do the talking tonight'. – HV Sharma – 2019-08-17T15:16:36.813

1@HarshvardhanSharma I've listen to the song and those lyrics don't sound like Russian to me either. – Arsak – 2019-08-18T15:32:08.650

@Arsak forget about it being russian. just listen to the song and listen to what the lady sings and tell us about it if you know – HV Sharma – 2019-08-19T04:51:06.717