What wind instrument plays the intro to the orchestrated composition of this song?


I'd like to know what's the main, salient instrument that plays the intro in this video, from 00:04 to 00:17. (Please note that the visuals is, I think, misleading: the players shown are not the ones who play the instrument in question).

I can't figure if it's a flute, an oboe, a clarinet (and if it's one of these, what type of it), or maybe something else.


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There's a mixed woodwind section playing the line in harmony, but the two oboes dominate the sound. The two flutes are only really audible at the end of the excerpt.
The musicians you hear are very probably the ones in the video, but the editing is very poor and not synchronized to the music.


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So the sound is actually a mix of two oboes? – HeyJude – 2019-06-23T08:26:45.793

yes, it's mostly the two oboes – PiedPiper – 2019-06-23T08:46:32.087

I can also hear transverse flute and you can see the musicians sit next to the oboes players. – Bebs – 2019-09-30T11:35:05.373