Is there a term that describes such songs?


I've recently listened to a couple of songs and found a common beat. A quick google search for their genre shows that they fall under the umbrella of Hip-Hop/Rap. However, searching for 'Hip-Hop/Rap' doesn't result in a songs with the same beat; I thought that there might be a more specific term for them. Here are the songs :

  • Bounce Back - Big Sean
  • Help a bi*ch out - O.T. Genasis
  • Moves - Big Sean
  • No Limit - G eazy


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I would say mostly downtempo then chillout

Here is a sample

norcal johnny

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I'm afraid that the sample you've put and the examples in the questions are of completely different genres.

The beat, melody are much different. – Yas – 2019-03-08T17:03:34.073