Sounds like bass vibes - acoustic guitar magic?!? What instrument makes this sound?



In this recording of "Come On In This House" by Junior Wells from 1996, there is a low, rumbling sound and I'm wondering what instrument makes it. It sounds almost like vibes but there are no vibes listed on the album.

Here's a link which should go right to the spot, but if I've fumbled it, it's at about 1:19 and lasts until 1:26 where he sings "I'm begging yooo-ooo".

The sound repeats elsewhere in the song and is a low rumbling sound. You may need headphones. I don't think it's the bass because I hear the bass playing at the same time. I think only acoustic instruments were used on this recording.


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1It looks like a guitarist shredding on his E string. – Bebs – 2018-12-17T16:20:08.520

1Agree with @Bebs, it's a repeated note on a guitar string – Angst – 2018-12-17T21:19:08.517



I agree with the comments by @Bebs and @Angst, this definitely sounds like it's from the guitarist rapidly playing a single note.


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