Term for Instrumental Music Where the Singer has been Replace by Instrument


Is there a term for instrumental music where the song is typically sung vocally, but the singer's part has been replaced by an instrument?

I want to tell my Google Home to play instrumental music of this kind, but instead it typically plays pieces that are exclusively instrumental (not intended to be sung).

Lonnie Best

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Instrumental Parodies? – None – 2018-12-01T17:57:57.767


Musak? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muzak Or elevator music?

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@b3ko : Well, if so, it is going to be very hard for my voice-operated Google Home to hear the distinction between "Muzak" and "Music".

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3I was able to find some stuff in spotify by searching "instrumental pop covers". – None – 2018-12-01T20:36:22.137

Thank you. I'm also giving this question a try at english.stackexchange.com.

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The reverse (where a singer sings words or scat to emulate a previous instrumental solo) is called vocalese...

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1Try "Instrumental version" of a "song name/genre/chorus name" or "song with lead <piano> melody" – None – 2018-12-03T05:35:37.197



The very short and simple answer to this question - Instrumentalize

instrumentalize: Verb - (third-person singular simple present instrumentalizes, present participle instrumentalizing, simple past and past participle instrumentalized)

(music) To transcribe for instrumental execution a piece of music written for the human voice

For your Google Home issue, I suppose you can attempt to tell it to play whatever song "instrumentalized".... But, I'm guessing ymmv...

Modern Apostles

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1I've been a musician for most of my 67 years and had to look up the word 'Instrumentalize' to check it existed. I doubt there's much point in asking Google to look for it. – Laurence Payne – 2018-12-13T00:26:34.977


This sort of thing might be named as the song title plus (Instrumental) or (Instrumental version). But I'm afraid this will be little use in a Google search.

Tracks where the vocal is omitted but NOT replaced by an instrument will be tagged 'Karaoke'. There's plenty of them!

Laurence Payne

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I think the best way to do this is "instrumental cover of 'x'" where x is the song name. Alternatively, "(instrument name) cover of 'x'".


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1Can you give an example? – None – 2019-09-15T14:00:23.150


.Song Title + Orchestra Version 123456

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