What happened to Andy Fairweather Low and Greg Phillinganes regarding Eric Clapton?


If you are also a fan of Eric Clapton, you've probably noticed like me that in the recent past (probably ten years) Eric almost has a new backup band for him apart from the great bassist Nathan East. I guess the two great supporting singers Tessa Niles and Katie Kissoon are probably somehow in a retired-alike status and left the market.

But what about Eric's most frequent (?) second guitarist Andy Fairweather Low and the probably-not-so-frequent great keyboardist Greg Phillinganes? Is there any problem between their relationship with Eric? It would be a huge pity to not see the best combination in my mind get together to do a gig. I wonder what happened?


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From looking at the wikipedia articles Andy Fairweather Low and Greg Phillinganes, they are both busy people, with lots of musical projects going on. This is only my opinion, but it seems a more likely explanation for them not being in the current Clapton band than any "musical differences" between them and Clapton.


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