"there's one place to go - this is it" or similar, Sinatra?


I've spent more than an hour to find a song with a lyric containing something like "If there's one place to go - this is it" (or "I know one place"...), probably by Frank Sinatra or someone making similar music.

It must be very well known since it was used in many movies/tv shows. I'm not sure but I think the song was about Las Vegas (or maybe New York?).

I really hope this incomplete information leads to someone recognising it, neither lyrics search engines nor find-by-humming engines brought up something useful.

As far as I remember the melody should be close to this: https://onlinesequencer.net/758409

Anatol - user3173842

Posted 2018-02-11T20:25:16.803

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Do you have any other clues? I'd really wish to help – IdiotStyle – 2018-03-07T09:46:32.593

@IdiotStyle I tried to create the melody using an online sequencer, maybe this could help. Very poorly but recognizable I guess. (Linked in question) – Anatol - user3173842 – 2018-03-12T16:35:23.073

I can't seem to recognize it sorry :I it may be the opening to a song that you sometimes don't hear in all versions (so mostly a broadway piece) – IdiotStyle – 2018-03-18T14:07:38.343



Well, if you're talking Sinatra and New York the obvious song is New York New York

Chicago and My Kind of Town are about Chicago


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Unfortunately, all three of these songs were obvious enough so that I could already rule them out. – Anatol - user3173842 – 2018-02-12T21:07:46.657