Is "Road to the West", from Cowboy Bebop, played on alto or tenor sax?


Hello fellow music fans.

Recently I decided to start playing the saxophone, but I can't decide yet if I'll play the tenor or alto. I would like to ask which sax is playing Road to the West from the anime Cowboy Bebop, as this information would help me decide which one to play.


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It sounds very much like an alto to me - though I'm sure I heard him hit C a couple of times, which an alto shouldn't be able to reach, D♭ ought to be the bottom note - maybe the track is pitch shifted a bit.

"Smokey Jazz" can be played on either, though.

More info at wikipedia

& My favourite ever theme played on an alto - Gabriel Yared, soundtrack to Betty Blue 37°2 Le Matin


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"Road to the West" was played on tenor sax by Joshua Redman.

The credit at the link just says "Saxophone", but it's obviously tenor sax for these reasons:

  • The sound is typical tenor sax
  • The range goes below the alto sax range
  • Joshua Redman doesn't play alto sax


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