What is this instrument from Rayman Origins Game?


I've been playing with Rayman Origins game and I wondering what is the instrument that sounds in it. You can hear it in Jibberish Jungle ~ The Darktoon Chase.

It's the first one that sounds.

I think is an Australian aboriginal instrument.


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I think Tetsujin is correct. Maybe you are mixing it with the Didgeridoo which is Australian aboriginal instrument but I'm pretty sure in your track it is a synthesised sound or a Jew's Harp.

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A lot of the comments think it's a jews harp but I don't think it's a real instrument at all.

A jews harp has a lot more 'twang' in it & though you can kind of 'speak' whilst playing it, you can't get that kind of quick-change filter detail that I'm hearing.

I think it's one of two possibilities

  1. a synthesiser played through a talk box
    The two most famous exponents of this were Peter Frampton who used guitar, & directly influenced by Frampton, Roger Troutman, who used a synth instead.
    Peter Frampton, Do You Feel Like We Do - tagged to start at the drop solo 5:50
    Roger Troutman interview - he starts playing at about 30s, but it's well worth hearing the preamble.

  2. a vocoder...
    History of Talkbox, Vocoder, and Autotune [rather lumpily, but contains some good references] runs the entire musical history using clips from as far back as the 30s. Includes Frampton & Troutman. Ends up on autotune, which isn't relevant to this particular question.

Some more clips on Talkbox Clips - favorite old school style talkbox feat. Roger Troutman & Stevie Wonder


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My first guess would also be the Jew's Harp... – Bebs – 2017-12-11T08:08:27.223