Pink Floyd live recordings on Bandcamp


I've found a large collection of Pink Floyd recordings on Bandcamp. They sound genuine, and before purchasing I was wondering whether there's any comment on their authenticity.

Some of the albums I'm interested in;

The Wall Live 1980

Zabriskie Sessions

Also whom is Chris Montgomery and how is he associated to Pink Floyd?


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I never heard the name "Chris Montgomery" before, so I think he is not connected officially to Pink Floyd. – Anders – 2015-05-05T16:59:08.150

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The Wall Live, on bandcamp, was recorded at Earls Court on August 9th, 1980. The Wall Live (Is There Anybody Out There"), which was officially released, was recorded on various dates.

Also, given the surviving members reluctance to release any "unproduced" material, I wouldn't bet on Zabriskie to be legit either. It's been release 3 times so far, none of which were legit.

Chris Montgomery is nobody. He probably accessed the recordings through record shows or online trading, and is now happily recouping his money. And he's using SoundCloud, which processes the audio files.

If you really need to get ahold of Pink Floyd rarities, let me know. I've got about 100 hours worth. ;o)

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