Help identify instrument from Hateful Eight


In the movie Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino there is a recurring theme played by a low-sounding brass instrument. You can hear it in this piece.

Is this a kind of tuba or horn?

Tomasz Pluskiewicz

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I'm tempted to say contrabassoon, as the instrument playing the seriously low D starting in the 2nd bar. For the rest of that phrase, I'd be hard-pressed to distinguish whether it was bassoon or contra-

The later section starting 0.46, I'd definitely go for contra- with what may be tuba above it.

I found this quote from Morricone, reported by the BBC

The main instruments introducing this piece are the bassoon, the contra-bassoon and the tuba,


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1That's a contrabassoon, for certain! As my sister would like to say: they have two dynamics, on and off, and sound kind of like a chainsaw. – cjm – 2016-01-31T05:44:02.113


I agree w/Tetsujin and Carl Witthoft - I can pretty clearly hear the contra- playing, then repeating in unison with the tuba. Also, this type of ridiculous answer should entitle me to upvotes much as Carl's had no authoritative basis.

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