What did David Gilmour exactly say in this video about his Black Strat?


In this video, David Gilmour talks about his Black Strat.

What does it say at the beginning of the video? Did he said "I got it I believed (or lived?) in 1970s whenever (or wherever) realizing (or other words) you can't go see"?


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The first two sentences are quite clear to me:

I got it from Many's, I believe in 1970. Wherever I was in New York, I'd go see Henry and Many's.

He is talking about where he bought his famous Black Strat, which he bought at the now closed Manny's Music in New York.


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Also, he's most likely talking about Henry Goldrich - the owner of Manny's – user1103 – 2016-01-10T10:53:47.863