What happen to Roxie LS?


So, yeah, what happened to Roxie LS? I like her style and voice. She was supposed to be big.

She studied classical music, she is British if I remember correctly. She loved surf culture and she surfs (Roxie LS is Roxie Loves Surf). Originally she was a Youtube hype and I thought she is definetelly going to sign on a label. But her youtube account got erased a couple years back and a new one appeared containg only her biggest hit "He's the One".

Where is this girl?



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Her vimeo channel is still active : https://vimeo.com/59481900

– Angst – 2017-01-19T21:36:04.603



Bit of deeper googling reveals her real name is Samantha Del Greco - sometimes Zola Del Greco, Sophia Del. Hope that helps.

Princes Bubblegum

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Some sources or links maybe? I did't find any relations between these names and Roxie LS. – Bebs – 2016-12-18T15:56:50.123

The face of the person in the youtube account picture looks similar to the model Samantha Del Greco, but the biog doesn't seem to fit. I would need more info to be convinced of this. – Angst – 2017-01-18T18:12:15.010


Some newspaper articles from a Somerset local paper fill in elements of S Del G's past : modelling, studying music etc, which sort of fit with the biog in this article about RLS, here cooler magazine The violinist in this online directory does look like the picture in the cooler magazine link above. So, based on the above, I'd say that S del G probably is Roxie LS

– Angst – 2017-03-25T22:51:56.687