Looking for a term : end of song n is the beginning of song n+1


I'm looking for a term describing the fact that, on a music album, the end of a song is the beginning of the next one, which gives the impression that there is no cut between the two songs.

I'm pretty sure a special term exists and I used to hear it, though I'm not 100 % sure...

Examples : between Perfect and Daphne Descends on The Smashing Pumpkins' album Adore, or between Links 2-3-4 and Sonne on Rammstein's album Mutter.

Thesaurus Rex

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Rammstein 4 ever \m/ – nodws – 2019-10-18T16:54:39.930



It's called a segue, from the Italian segue - "follows", generally meaning a smooth transition.

Wikipedia also mentions that some album notations distinguish track listings through the use of symbols, such as a >, , or / to indicate songs that flow seamlessly.


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1"Segue" covers those situations, as in an opera where one number follows another with no dialogue or action in between, though the first number comes to a definite end, and there may be time for the audience to applaud it. Terms for the situation where the first flows seamlessly into the second, without missing a beat, include "dead segue" and "segue as one". The score may use the musical indication "attacca". – Rosie F – 2019-09-16T11:39:16.767

This term doesn't ring a bell to me at all, but it seems pretty clear that, according to Wikipedia's "Famous examples in rock music" in the Segue article, it is the correct word I was looking for ! Thank you :) – Thesaurus Rex – 2015-12-10T10:35:49.823

3If the transition is a contrasting section it might serve as a bridge between songs. – aergistal – 2015-12-10T11:29:14.643

4And it's pronounced "seg-way" with two syllables. – None – 2015-12-10T23:49:41.877