Term for PA music before a concert starts


I have been to a number of rock concerts. By and large, during the time before the show starts, music is typically played on the PA system. For rock concerts, the PA music is usually the same genre, blended with classic rock favorites.

My question is, what is the term for this PA music? Overture comes to mind, but I believe an overture is performed by the artist which you went to attend. "House music" also comes to mind (since, when the concert is done, you bring up the "house lights"), but I don't think that is quite right either.

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I've seen this referred as pre-show and post-show music, which sets the mood for the performance for eg.

Example 1

Example 2


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1I know a theater design major and arranging the pre-show and post-show of a production is the job of the sound designer. – Donald.McLean – 2015-10-07T14:19:32.633

This is possibly the best sourced answer I've ever gotten on this network. Thanks. – Jason P Sallinger – 2015-10-07T15:49:04.627


Us audio guys call it "walk-in music." A lot of the time, the tracks we play are at our discretion - but sometimes the client/producer will provide specific tracks. Obviously, the post-show is called "walk-out."


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