What is a "bubble mix"?


A coworker of mine described Girl Talk's All Day as "a bubble mix" when I introduced it to him. It sounded a bit derisive, actually.

I've never heard that term before, and all Google was no help either: it yielded lots of recipes for making your own bubble mix — for blowing bubbles. The few music related links it turned up, were pieces of music that were named "Some song (bubble mix)", which indicates that it is a musical term, just not one I know.

So what is a bubble mix?



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2People commonly use the term "bubble gum" to refer to music they consider vapid, often pop music. Perhaps that is what he meant. Ask him! – Zac Ray – 2015-11-01T22:33:57.423

1@ZacRay "Bubble Mix" was also the title of Aqua's second album - they were quite popular in Europe when I was a kid. Considering the style they played, the term may be somehow connected to bubble gum music. You may remember the song "Barbie Girl" – easwee – 2015-11-09T21:48:57.227

It sounds synonymous with "bubblegum" pop, too. – None – 2016-03-14T14:56:52.290



As mentioned in the comments it could be synonymous with Bubble Gum Pop music:

  • Lightweight catchy pop music

  • It was simple, melodic, and light as feather -- neither the lyrics or the music had much substance.


Since Bubble gum pop can be refered to as simply bubble gum. A bubble gum mix could refer to a collection of bubble gum music or bubble gum music that was remixed. Or even some elements that are mixed into one song.


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