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731 Examples of common false beliefs in mathematics 2010-05-04T21:02:58.510

427 Polynomial bijection from $\mathbb Q\times\mathbb Q$ to $\mathbb Q$? 2010-04-11T12:03:13.993

341 Why do roots of polynomials tend to have absolute value close to 1? 2014-10-02T20:54:13.120

325 Video lectures of mathematics courses available online for free 2011-02-05T18:34:58.897

318 Proofs without words 2009-12-14T06:04:14.923

289 Thinking and Explaining 2010-09-14T02:13:50.010

285 Not especially famous, long-open problems which anyone can understand 2012-06-21T18:30:34.743

266 Philosophy behind Mochizuki's work on the ABC conjecture 2012-09-07T01:06:48.947

258 Why do so many textbooks have so much technical detail and so little enlightenment? 2010-01-27T01:52:40.797

250 Widely accepted mathematical results that were later shown to be wrong? 2010-08-13T10:12:59.930

245 Polynomial representing all nonnegative integers 2009-12-25T06:40:19.630

241 Why is a topology made up of 'open' sets? 2010-03-23T22:25:01.557

234 Geometric Interpretation of Trace 2010-01-31T01:49:07.330

226 Which journals publish expository work? 2010-02-15T21:24:03.663

219 Mathematical games interesting to both you and a 5+-year-old child 2017-09-18T21:29:35.607

218 What are some examples of colorful language in serious mathematics papers? 2010-04-23T05:01:02.703

217 Examples of unexpected mathematical images 2014-08-09T07:01:31.603

216 A single paper everyone should read? 2009-10-23T18:42:05.273

216 What's a mathematician to do? 2010-10-26T16:53:25.853

214 John Nash's Mathematical Legacy 2015-05-24T15:58:37.680

208 What are some reasonable-sounding statements that are independent of ZFC? 2009-10-22T19:26:48.983

195 Refereeing a Paper 2010-08-24T22:45:04.400

189 What elementary problems can you solve with schemes? 2011-03-21T15:48:21.763

188 Awfully sophisticated proof for simple facts 2010-10-17T15:16:59.150

188 A Game on Noetherian Rings 2012-04-06T03:24:54.820

187 Intuitive crutches for higher dimensional thinking 2010-05-26T09:49:53.130

181 Fundamental Examples 2009-11-11T07:52:13.173

177 Have any long-suspected irrational numbers turned out to be rational? 2010-07-22T16:06:17.797

177 Demonstrating that rigour is important 2010-09-03T13:08:22.820

177 Is $\mathbb R^3$ the square of some topological space? 2011-04-02T18:42:06.113

176 Is there an introduction to probability theory from a structuralist/categorical perspective? 2010-04-08T15:18:55.203

176 If $f$ is infinitely differentiable then $f$ coincides with a polynomial 2010-07-31T21:37:22.197

175 Two commuting mappings in the disk 2009-10-29T20:16:45.327

175 Proofs that require fundamentally new ways of thinking 2010-12-09T15:08:32.523

171 Real-world applications of mathematics, by arxiv subject area? 2009-10-26T04:38:56.293

170 Your favorite surprising connections in Mathematics 2010-02-08T00:10:18.557

166 Best Algebraic Geometry text book? (other than Hartshorne) 2009-10-25T10:19:33.363

164 Why worry about the axiom of choice? 2010-04-29T02:57:58.080

164 Ultrafilters and automorphisms of the complex field 2010-05-09T21:00:21.057

161 What should be learned in a first serious schemes course? 2010-06-17T12:49:42.873

160 Ideas on how to prevent a department from being shut down. 2011-04-27T20:05:55.783

159 Most interesting mathematics mistake? 2009-10-17T14:28:43.527

155 Do good math jokes exist? 2009-10-18T21:47:45.010

153 Best online mathematics videos? 2009-10-21T20:21:43.117

153 Magic trick based on deep mathematics 2009-12-25T22:07:11.903

153 What are your favorite instructional counterexamples? 2010-03-02T05:57:45.173

153 The most outrageous (or ridiculous) conjectures in mathematics 2017-01-17T19:55:08.770

152 Which math paper maximizes the ratio (importance)/(length)? 2009-12-01T01:12:30.173

152 Ways to prove the fundamental theorem of algebra 2010-01-02T22:11:26.197

150 Famous mathematical quotes 2009-11-29T20:18:38.147


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