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142 What's the difference between wa (は) and ga (が)? 2011-05-31T19:13:38.343

101 What is the こと in sentences such as あなたのことが好きだ? 2011-07-21T13:02:35.843

87 Differences among -たら、なら、-んだったら、-えば, etc 2011-06-02T05:12:11.927

85 What is the difference between the nominalizers こと and の? 2011-06-21T20:06:08.470

77 How should I choose between [知]{し}る and わかる? 2011-06-30T17:40:01.210

55 Why were ゐ and ゑ eliminated? 2011-05-31T22:20:42.663

55 What is the difference between "に" and "には"? 2011-06-14T06:19:27.017

54 When to use ください (kudasai) or お願いします (onegaishimasu) in requests? 2011-06-01T08:47:27.273

54 Is じゃないです equally correct as じゃありません? 2011-08-10T12:15:47.987

54 でも (demo) versus けど (kedo) to mean "but" 2011-08-18T17:06:37.257

54 What does the internet slang "草生えた" mean? 2013-01-09T00:04:46.240

53 What are the differences between じ and ぢ, and ず and づ? 2011-06-17T00:11:40.603

50 Particles: に vs. で 2011-05-31T20:36:57.090

50 When going somewhere, is there any difference between e (へ) and ni (に)? 2011-05-31T21:46:23.797

49 What is the difference between the negative forms -ず and -ぬ? 2011-06-01T04:11:21.647

49 Why are the particles "は" (ha⇒wa), "へ" (he⇒e), and "を" (wo⇒o) not spelled phonetically? 2011-06-02T03:38:02.493

47 Usage of すみません (sumimasen) versus ごめんなさい (gomen'nasai) 2011-06-01T13:36:38.707

47 Why does Japanese have two kinds of adjectives? (-i adjectives and -na adjectives) 2011-06-13T06:07:23.047

47 ことができる versus V~える form 2011-08-17T03:49:12.670

46 Difference between -ていく and -てくる 2011-06-06T14:16:35.030

46 When is Vている the continuation of action and when is it the continuation of state? 2011-09-13T08:11:55.543

45 What is the difference between 〜となる and 〜になる? 2011-05-31T23:21:40.987

44 When is the katakana form of wo (ヲ) used? 2011-06-08T00:11:10.837

44 Why are katakana preferred over hiragana or kanji sometimes? 2011-07-14T13:56:22.927

43 What are the rules regarding "mute vowels" ("u" after "s" and "i" after "sh")? 2011-06-14T06:12:20.800

43 Is there any reason a lot of body parts use the Month/Moon radical? 2017-03-22T10:03:43.997

41 How to choose between "よん" (yon) vs "し" (shi) for "四" (4) and "しち" (shichi) vs "なな" (nana) for "七" (7)? 2011-06-01T14:55:18.173

39 Is it proper to thank waitstaff, cashiers, etc. for their service? 2011-06-03T03:10:19.730

37 What does っす at the end of a sentence mean? 2011-05-31T19:36:31.970

37 Does -ou / -you / -mashou conjugation have a negative form? 2011-06-03T10:09:28.470

37 What's the difference between なぜ、どうして and なんで when meaning 'why'? 2011-08-16T15:01:35.247

36 Pronouncing が as 'nga' 2011-06-01T01:33:55.800

36 What exactly is "なの" (nano)? 2011-06-03T18:06:43.047

36 How important is one's pitch when speaking Japanese? 2011-06-06T02:38:48.130

36 How indistinguishable is blue from green really? 2011-06-13T12:36:26.320

36 Why was both katakana and hiragana created? 2012-01-15T02:07:11.200

36 Why was "一匹" used for Godzilla? 2014-08-03T09:19:58.080

35 What does -komu (~込む) at the end of a word mean? 2011-05-31T20:01:17.110

35 The difference between が and を with the potential form of a verb. 2011-06-05T03:59:20.480

35 How did "little tsu" become a lengthener? 2011-06-07T22:34:44.623

35 What is the difference between -さ and -み suffixes to make a noun out of an adjective? 2011-06-22T20:40:50.077

35 i-adjectives used as na-adjectives: is there a difference? (e.g. 大きい versus 大きな) 2011-07-11T09:21:22.497

35 How do parents obscure spoken messages in front of their children in Japanese? 2014-02-05T19:49:08.557

34 Arabic numbers: half-width or full-width? 2011-06-07T08:41:07.613

34 What is the most natural way to refer to someone when you don't know their name and don't have a close relationship with them? 2011-06-22T23:08:54.273

34 What is the difference between いえ and うち? 2011-11-13T22:11:53.470

34 What is the difference between 大事 (daiji) and 大切 (taisetsu)? 2013-02-19T02:12:35.033

34 What's the difference between 女性 and 女の人? 2013-12-18T11:55:57.080

33 What is the equivalent of "alphabetical order" in Japanese? 2011-06-05T13:58:15.133

33 Usage of たくさん vs. 多い 2011-06-09T05:12:43.197


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