What is the term for the English idiom of "with high stakes"?


In English there is the idiomatic expression "with high stakes." There is also the adjective high-stakes, which means involving serious risks if there is no success. Is there a similar idiom in Japanese?

a "high-stakes" negotiation

a conversation with "high stakes"


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Good question. ALC lists いちかばちか in a couple of its entries as a TL for high-stakes, but that doesn’t seem that good, because いちかばちか is more about “going all in”/doing something risky as opposed to the thing on the line being very valuable/expensive/important... – Darius Jahandarie – 2019-09-20T03:39:12.963

I don't think I've ever heard "to be with high stakes". What is it supposed to mean? – Igor Skochinsky – 2019-09-20T16:06:11.107

2In similar situation we say like: [背水]{はいすい}の陣{じん}, (大きな)[賭]{か}け,([大]{おお})[勝負]{しょうぶ} and([大]{おお})[博打]{ばくち}. – Takumi Sueda – 2019-09-20T16:11:23.887

@IgorSkochinsky "To be with high stakes" means the same as the adjective "high-stakes," whose definition I gave in my question. For more context, please visit the website of the British Council - https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/intermediate-b1-listening/interview-about-listening-skills. The phrase "conversation with high stakes" is used there.

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@TakumiSueda thank you very much! – Enguroo – 2019-09-21T04:42:45.863

@Enguroo: oh, so you meant to say "X with high stakes", not literal "to be with high stakes", which I've never seen. – Igor Skochinsky – 2019-09-23T08:28:33.367

Takumi Sueda's answers work for the definition given in the question, but not so much for the examples. I suggest expanding the definition to include situations that are not 背水の陣 because that is often not what "high-stakes" means in business and politics. For example. CEO wants to sell company and another company offers to buy. They have high-stakes negotiations as billions of dollars are at stake, but nobody is in any danger if a deal is not made. – By137 – 2019-09-23T10:56:17.210



I see more idiomatic phrase like 乾坤{けんこん}一擲{いってき} の大勝負{おおしょうぶ}。


"Playoff game for the Championship competing with Hawks at Fukuoka as away team. All or nothing game with high stakes to hit the jackpot."


一世{いっせい}一代{いちだい}の大勝負{おおしょうぶ}に出る is also used often when you are taking risk a lot.

「だから一世一代の大勝負に出て投資用にアパートを買っても、入居者がいなかったら毎月赤字を垂れ流すリスクがあった。」the sentence from 「利回り」で金を生む家・車・時計の選び方|新R25.

"If you bought an apartment with high stakes for an investment and found no tenants, you had risk to face deficit every month."

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