What is the meaning of まっちろけ?


For example,

まっちろけなお弁当になっちゃった。 (context: it's lunch)


どれも、なんかまっちろけでさ。 (context: scene of an accident)

Does it have something to do with 真っ白, masshiro?
I think it may be some sort of obscure slang I don't know about, because I can't find any information on the internet and I don't see how pure white (masshiro) could apply to either of the examples. Thanks!

David Song

Posted 2019-03-17T02:17:16.743

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「まっちろけ」 is indeed a colloquial and/or jocular way of saying 「真{ま}っ白{しろ}」, which means "pure/all white".

「まっちろけなお弁当{べんとう}」 would refer to a bento consisting of rice (which is white) and other things that are mostly very light-colored.

Finally, without more context or an explanation of the situation, I could not tell what 「どれも、なんかまっちろけでさ。」 might mean. It could mean that the speaker has a blurred memory of the accident, but I really should not be speculating.


Posted 2019-03-17T02:17:16.743

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